Friday, August 31, 2007

Polly 18 Months!

Here are pictures from Polly's last photo shoot! I had a free sitting and a free 8 x 10 at Sears, so that's about all that I got & might take more myself just for fun. I just scanned them at home, so they aren't the best quality. The giraffe isn't ours, but I find myself wishing I would have taken one of her own stuffed animals so that when we look back at the pictures they aren't just full of props from the studio but something that was actually hers when she was little. Oh well, still the cutest pictures I have ever seen! Thanks to Molly for "buying" the shirt in the picture. "Meaning" that she said she would buy it, but when we got to the check out she stuck it in with my stuff & it ended up on my receipt. I guess it was worth it. :)


  1. It's too bad that Polly isn't loved! Do you suppose it would help if she were cuter? In some ways she reminds me of her mother at the same age.

  2. If she is like her mother, good luck raising her! ;)

    Polly's a doll with a lot of personality. I love any and all pictures of her including those on Facebook.