Sunday, May 22, 2011

UVU 5 - Utah 2

 One of the great mysteries of the world is how Michael has made it this far in his soccer career without biting off his own tongue

 Mikey was under the weather but still put in a strong effort playing all three mid-field positions.

 Hey, I think I'll dribble this into the box and see if I can get a call.

 Drew the foul, but no whistle.  That's soccer.

Strong finish by the Wolverines.  They broke open a tight game and scored 3 goals late in the game to win 5-2, avenging an earlier season 2-1 loss to the U.

View From the Deck

"Hey, is that guy with the camera on the deck the one supplying us with the tomatoes and peppers? Yup, that's him.  I just checked, they aren't ready to snack on yet.  Looks like we'll have to get by on the grass for a few more weeks."

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Birthday Girl

 Recognize this license plate?

Cafe Sabor knows how to make a girl feel special.
Half of some of the finest kids on the block

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday to a wonderful girl...

Norda circa 1932 at Primary

Norda Agnes Fife about 1935

and a Happy Mother's Day too. Pictured at the Salt Lake Tabernacle 1967

"You've done grand."

Friday, May 6, 2011

We'll call it, Senior Year!

Last Friday (April 29th, 2011) Erin participated in a mock DUI accident at Charleston High School. Fortunately, it was pretend but she does make a cute zombie.
On a much happier note, the next day she ran the Illinois Half marathon in Chambana in 2:18

You can see Erin and her fleshy dad finishing the half-marathon. Jake, in orange enters to the right of the picture with Erin, in white, to his side.
After the half marathon we hurried back to Chucktown so Erin could get ready for prom that night.
The Charleston High School production of Oklahoma started the following Wednesday. Erin played Ellen one of Laurey's friends.