Friday, September 28, 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012

First Maybe Annual Rock Run & Ride

In some ways it was a great fall Saturday at Beaver Mtn. Music Festival.  In hopes of maybe promoting some races and events I teamed up with the Seeholzer's and piggy backed on the music festival to do a 10k run up and down Beaver, a 10 mile bike hill climb, a kids 1k trail run and a kids mountain bike race.  In short it kinda work...  things I can take away and learn from and hope to have the energy for another event next year.  It would not of happened with out Shelly and all her work.  Shelly and I went up to set the course and flag some areas on Friday.  Dave Eames stepped up and really helped weed-eat some trails and set ski poles with flags on sections.  Shelly also recruited a few co-workers, Brandi and Shonie, to help with the start and finish area.  Sam was  big help as well.  She roped Jamie into helping with the aid station on top of the mountain and a couple friends, Kaylee and Megan, managed the mid mountain aid station.

 Rock Run & Ride was voted to have the cutest aid station help for 2012 by Runner's World

This tree always looks better with snow but I love this pic Sam took.  The Idaho fire smoke ads to the beauty.

No stopping this guy... he is THE running machine.