Thursday, October 30, 2008

tongue twister

Can to guess who tongues are being displayed as part of Sarah's science project?
Lost in the David Archuletta corn maze at Thanksgiving Point.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oh Boy, Oh Boy!

We're having a BOY!!
He made it very easy for us to see his "manhood" and I'm happy he was cooperative!
He's a little "robust" the doctor said for me being at 20 weeks but our due date has stayed the same, March 16th, and everything looked normal so mom and dad are happy!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Yes on 8 (I can't wait for this election cycle to be over) - Updated Yet Again

The yellow hat is from Tito's Tacos. If Prop 8 was in support of Tito's it would pass with close to 100% of the vote. Saturday, the Protect Marriage organization organized sign waving on PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) in LA, Orange and San Diego counties. Annie, Kristin and I were were at Cameo Shores in Corona Del Mar, just down the coast from Newport Beach. Some of the cyclists and motorcyclists who spent the warm sunny day riding up or down the coast that stopped and talked to us were in awe of all the yellow sign wavers at every major intersection and many others in between. Here's a link to a video of the OC event:

To paraphrase Elder Mikey, "Captain Moroni is Money". Over the top? Maybe. Clever? Absolutely.

YES on 8

As a service to all, I've waded through hundreds of comments posted on the Orange County Register On-line. No need for you to waste your time. My observations follow:

- The No folks say nothing will change in our schools.
- The Yes folks believe it is not only likely, but probable our kids will be taught something about same sex marriage based on field trips to a lesbian teachers wedding in San Francisco and at least one legal case from MA and another from CA.

- The No folks seem to think that even if children are taught about same sex marriages, it should be no big deal. Let the kids make their own decisions about sexual orientation.
- The Yes folks are more inclined to monitor what is taught about sex and marriage in school and are also more inclined to make decisions for their kids if they think the kids may be too young or inexperienced to make on their own.

- The No folks say equal rights for all and claim re-defining marriage is a 'right'.
- The Yes folks accurately claim that the California family code already guarantees domestic partnerships ALL the legal rights of marriage, including the right to adopt,
share retirement benefits, health insurance and hospital visitation rights - including the right to make life or death decisions. All of these rights will remain unchanged if Prop 8 fails or passes.

- The No folks think the Yes folks are uneducated bigots trying to push their agenda.
- The Yes folks think the No folks are trying to push their agenda – only with less name calling.

- The Yes folks are worried that small businesses like a wedding photographer that chose not to work a same sex wedding could be sued and site one example where the photographer was subject to litigation, even if they have another business willing to do the work. Doctors have already been sued and lost for refusing to perform IVF for a same sex couple, even after offering a competent referral which resulted in the birth of a healthy baby.

- The No folks say nothing will change with in our various churches.
- The Yes folks are worried that churches that refuse to allow access to church facilities for same sex marriage may face legal action, perhaps for hate speech and even risk loosing their tax exempt status (this has already happened in New Jersey).
- Faith Based adoption agencies that refuse to place children into same sex homes may face litigation and be forced to close as happened in MA.

- The strongest argument I see for the No on 8 folks is that many gays feel like second class citizens if they are not allowed to call their domestic partnership - "marriage". While this is a compelling argument, it is not enough. Calling a same sex union 'Marriage' is not a 'Right'.

- At numerous 'Yes on 8' sign events like the one pictured above, The No on 8 slogan of "No to Hate" is often follow by vile profanity and/or and a middle finger. Classy.

- A driver of a Prius is most likely to respond with profanity or a middle finger.

- A driver of a Suburban is most likely to respond with a horn honk and a thumbs up.

- For me the balance tips to Yes on 8.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sam's Hat Trick in State Play Off Game

If a dream situation could happen for Sam to end this years rocky LHS soccer season, last night proved to be a fairy tail only Disney could put on film. 2nd round of play is Saturday 1:00, Logan High vs Judge @ Logan.

Sam setting up for the first of three goals, a hat trick!!!

For the out of towners I copied the Herald's and the Salt Lake Tribune articles.

Grizzlies easily advance
By Wade Denniston
Thursday, October 16, 2008 3:21 AM CDT

Logan picked up right where it left off in the regular season. Sam Emmett was a big reason why. Emmett, playing in her first varsity game of the season, recorded a hat trick to lead the Grizzlies to a 6-0 victory over Carbon in the first round of the 3A Girls Soccer State Championships on Wednesday afternoon at Crimson Field.“I’m very excited, it was really fun,” Emmett said. “The girls were excited that I was playing. I was just glad I could be a part of state.”

Emmett found out before practice on Monday that she was going to be brought up from the jayvee squad. Vanessa Sullivan and Carla Pensamiento were also added to the varsity roster.“What I was looking for was some creativity, giving some teams that might know a little bit about us some new players that they don’t know,” Logan head coach Mitch Peterson said. “So the three players I brought up, nobody knows them — at least (from) this season — so I wanted to add some new blood.”It paid off in a big way as the Region 11 champion Grizzlies (10-3-0) extended their winning streak to nine.

Logan dominated Carbon in every facet of the game. The Dinos (3-14-0), who ended the season by losing five of their last six matches, managed just two shots — both came off of free kicks in the first half.“Our defense has been great, shutout after shutout,” Peterson said. “They’re about as solid as I can think of. I couldn’t ask for any better players. I think our defense can match up equal to any of those (other top) defenses (in the state).” Goalkeeper Taylor Anderson had to make just one save to preserve the shutout.

“It makes us play a lot tougher and we are more relaxed when the defense is doing good,” Emmett said. The Grizzlies reeled off 32 shots, including 20 in the first half alone. Cami Jensen and Maddie Daines had six shots apiece for Logan. The Grizzlies failed to get on the scoreboard during the first 20 minutes of play, but found the back of the net four times during a 16-minute span leading up to halftime. Jensen began the onslaught with a goal in the 21st minute to give Logan a 1-0 lead. Tonya Anderson had the assist as she made a perfect pass into the 18-yard box from the left wing and Jensen easily beat Carbon goalkeeper Lydia Jeppson with a low, hard shot to the left side of the goal. Jensen now has 20 goals on the season.

“We had good communication and we had some pretty good connecting passes,” Emmett said. Daines made it 2-0 for the Grizzlies when she scored in the 25th off an assist from Jensen. Then Emmett took over. The sophomore found the back of the net within a 21-second span as Logan opened a 4-0 lead at the 36:04 mark.“The second one, I didn’t think I was gonna get it in,” said Emmett, who scored five goals against Ben Lomond during a jayvee game earlier this year. “I thought the ball was out already, but I just kicked it and the goalie kind of knocked it in, so I was pretty lucky.” Liz Colston assisted on both of Emmett’s goals.Emmett completed her hat trick with a goal in the 61st to give the Grizzlies a 5-0 cushion.

Peterson then replaced Emmett with Daines and she left the field to a hearty applause from Logan’s faithful. The hat trick came as a surprise to many in the crowd, especially Emmett.“I didn’t even know I had a goal in me, but I just happened to be there and the team set me up with good passes and I was happy I could finish them,” Emmett said. “... I’m just glad that we could do good and capitalize on passing.”

Daines put the final nail in Carbon’s coffin when she scored her second goal of the day in the 73rd. The Dinos, the fourth seed from Region 8, rarely crossed midfield in the second half. Such a big lead afforded Peterson the opportunity to play around with his lineup.“We were running a flat four this second half on defense just to kind of give them a feel for something different,” Peterson said. “It’s great to have that freedom being able to play around with things.”

Prep girls soccer: JV player's hat trick lifts Logan by Carbon
By Dan Biddulph Special to The Tribune
Article Launched: 10/16/2008 01:51:10 AM MDT

LOGAN - Shutouts are nothing new for the Logan girls' soccer team. Wednesday's 6-0 defeat of Carbon in the first round of the Class 3A state tournament was the seventh of the year for the team and goalkeeper Taylor Anderson.

What was new was Sam Emmett leading the way for the offense. Emmett was called up from the JV squad to make her first varsity appearance this year, and she contribute right away, scoring three goals. "The second shot was set up nicely by Katie Sorensen," said Emmett, "I was clear down on the end line, I did not think I would make it, I thought the ball was out, I just kicked it and it went in, but getting the win was a whole team effort."

Maddie Daines and Cami Jensen combined for the team's remaining goals, with Daines putting two in the net. The Grizzlies' relentless offense and smothering defense have resulted in a nine-game winning streak, but coach Mitch Peterson feels it's the girls' unselfish play that makes the team special this year. Peterson is aware of Logan's past struggles in the first two rounds of the tournament - this is the fourth trip for the team to the state tournament in as many years, but the first with Peterson at the helm - but he feels this year could be different.

"I intentionally tried to not know much about anything, so I can remain neutral and not drag in a bunch of history," he said. "My observation is they are playing for each other more than they have done in the past." Logan will next face Judge Memorial in a second-round game Saturday at 1 p.m.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cache Valley and Fall and Snow

I turned around yesterday to get the camera on the way to work.
I love this valley.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

First Annual Norda's Dr. Pepper, Banana Bread and Cheese Ultra Half-Marathon Run for the Cure

Here are some random pictures from the First Annual Norda's Dr. Pepper, Banana Bread and Cheese Ultra Half-Marathon Run for the Cure. Big thanks to Tom and Shelly for organizing it and the rest of the family for the support (cheering, laughing, providing food, taking pictures, etc.)

Pre-race preparations....Norda rings the starting bell.

Tom leads out with a brisk pace...the first aid station at Norda's on Main Street

Bill reflecting at the ol' homestead in Providence...the support crew at Nyman's aid station.

"Do these shirts make us look skinny?"...Mac-o-tac and Katie bug

Snowy run up Canyon road...the third aid station on Canyon Road

Bill enjoys his first ever DP...Shelly waiting on the slow old men (and Ben and Nick)

"And down the stretch they come"...the official finish line

Ben crossing the finish line...the rest following close behind.

Let's do it again...Columbus Day weekend 2009!

Check out Run Slow Ski Fast Blog for more photos.

Friday, October 10, 2008

For Sale - Custom Oak Creek home in Irvine

We're bored. We have been thinking about selling the house and downsize to something more affordable and in the process - get closer to being out of debt. Next spring was our target time frame, but with the economy and the housing market booming, we thought, "why wait?". Annie always has the house all ready to show. I had the yard spruced up for Jackie and Brian's open house so we pulled the trigger today and listed the house.

Our broker sent a professional photographer who did a great job.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Jack's Birthday

Jack turned the big 2 yesterday. He spent the morning studiously watching conference but was unable to stay awake for the afternoon session. We had a little party for him at his Grandma McEuen's for dinner. As you can tell he was pretty excited about the Big Wheel and was quick to ask for more of his mother's delicious cake.

Baby Blessing Changes

When: October 12, 2008
Where: Hyde Park 1st Ward Meetinghouse - 480 North 100 West, Hyde Park, UT
Time: 4:30 p.m.

I know this is inconvenient & might prevent those of you from Salt Lake & Utah County from being able to come after all. The only reason we changed it is because we are going to be up in Logan on Friday & Saturday anyway & there was an overwhelming majority of people driving to Salt Lake from Logan & not very many from the other way. So I understand if this changes your plans due to church schedules, callings & the fact that you would have to travel so far. It is just going to work out the best for us to do it this way, I hope you understand! Everyone is still invited, of course, & anyone from Cache Valley that wasn't planning on coming before, maybe now you can reconsider!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Norda's Ultra-Half Marathon Blog

Why not...??? Remember, Saturday October 11th.

Run Slow, Ski Fast...

Now would somebody please post something so this is the first thing we look at. Thanks.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Shout-Out

Happy Birthday Adam, Adrienne, and Sam

Adam and Melissa Denver-2006

Adrienne posing next to a Suzuki Samari for old time sake!

Birthday girls last year 2007

The only recent photo I have of Sam that I stole off of her facebook!

Happy Birthday Adrienne

Adding to the birthday greetings today - Happy 29th to Adrienne!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Oh No!!! She's 16

Happy 16th Birthday Sam(antha)

Sam always seems to brighten our day with her smile. Tetons, age 8 months

Sam's first pair of skis at age 2 (notice that smile again) She was born to ski but doesn't enjoy skiing in skirts too much.

Sam age 11

Still my favorite.... one day I'll still NOT be able to keep up with her

Even during soccer she thinks about snow!!!

Total control...