Thursday, December 27, 2012

Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Grandkids in Smithfield

This past week we've been visited by a variety of cute animals, dashing superheroes, as well as Slash, a hunter, and a boxer. 


Missed having Merrick, Elle, and Henry stopping by, but judging from posts elsewhere, Halloween was a great success in Twin Falls and Santa Barbara as well.

Sorry.  All the cookies are gone.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Baby Bastian 2013

Having a father that is a lawyer and a husband that is also a lawyer (Congrats to Colonel Brandon for passing the bar!) makes for some clever announcement ideas. To tell me family the good news, Colonel Brandon created a contract for my dad to read and sign (and then created one for my mom that included an item about creating scrapbooks for the baby). We were taking family pictures this morning anyway, so we decided the announcement would be fun to catch on camera. Kim did an amazing job and we are so excited to see all the pictures. As soon as we all got there we handed them to my parents to hurry and read and sign. My mom thought it was some agreement from the photographer so it worked great. Eventually they stopped saying, "Oh my heck, you've got to be kidding me," and we all explained to my sisters what was going on. 


This Service Agreement (“Agreement”) is between Jim F. Lundberg who resides at  (“Jim”) and the family of Brandon Bastian, who resides at  (“Bastian Family.”)


1.  Purpose

The purpose of this agreement is to more specifically set forth the responsibilities of each party to this agreement.

2.  Definitions

2.1       “Lundberg Residence” means the legal residence of Jim and his family.

2.2       “Loyalty” means giving benefit of the doubt, defending, supporting, uplifting and otherwise acting in accordance with the definition of the word loyalty. 

3.  Responsibilities of Jim

Jim shall:

a. Retain on his person snacks, candy or gum that can be easily distributed, at need, to any member of the Bastian Family.

b. Maintain Loyalty to each and every member of the Bastian Family.

c. Maintain the Lundberg Residence, including the grounds of the Lundberg Residence, with all due care, removing anything that may cause injury to members of the Bastian Family.  This includes any attractive nuisances that may be on or within the Lundberg Residence.  A more specific list of dangerous items may be found in Exhibit A, which is attached to this document.

d.  Maintain a 72-hour supply of snacks at the Lundberg Residence at all times.

e. Provide transportation for members of the Bastian Family if at any time members of the Bastian Family are in need of such transportation.

f. Excitedly and exuberantly celebrate any and all holidays, vacations and birthdays with members of the Bastian Family.  This includes purchasing presents, when appropriate for the applicable celebratory day, to give to members of the Bastian Family.

g. Attend any and all sporting events that members of the Bastian Family participate in or are a party to. 

h. Attend any and all musical or theatrical productions or concerts that members of the Bastian Family participate in.

i. Supervise, play with, feed, clean and care for any member of the Bastian Family that is placed in his care at no charge.

j. Purchase new and popular toys for members of the Bastian Family to play with at the Lundberg residence.  These toys must be kept in good condition and Jim shall maintain them with all due care.

k. Designate a toy room or closet where members of the Bastian Family may easily find these toys.

l. Give members of the Bastian Family $5 per letter “A” or “A-” grades.  This amount will increase in amount by 3% per year.

m. Theatrically tell the same story, to be chosen by Jim, at least once a year to members of the Bastian Family.

n. Not disagree with or contradict Brandon or Emily Bastian, members of the Bastian Family, in the presence of other members of the Bastian Family.

o. Accept being called “Grandpa” by every member of the Bastian Family.

4.  Responsibilities of the Bastian Family

Brandon and Emily Bastian, members of the Bastian Family, shall allow Jim to hold, play with, care for and otherwise love all subsequent members of the Bastian Family born into the Bastian Family after the signing of this agreement, beginning with the new member that should arrive sometime in June 2013.

____________________________                                                                __________________
Jim F. Lundberg                                                                                              Date

____________________________                                                                __________________
Brandon Bastian                                                                                             Date

Friday, September 28, 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012

First Maybe Annual Rock Run & Ride

In some ways it was a great fall Saturday at Beaver Mtn. Music Festival.  In hopes of maybe promoting some races and events I teamed up with the Seeholzer's and piggy backed on the music festival to do a 10k run up and down Beaver, a 10 mile bike hill climb, a kids 1k trail run and a kids mountain bike race.  In short it kinda work...  things I can take away and learn from and hope to have the energy for another event next year.  It would not of happened with out Shelly and all her work.  Shelly and I went up to set the course and flag some areas on Friday.  Dave Eames stepped up and really helped weed-eat some trails and set ski poles with flags on sections.  Shelly also recruited a few co-workers, Brandi and Shonie, to help with the start and finish area.  Sam was  big help as well.  She roped Jamie into helping with the aid station on top of the mountain and a couple friends, Kaylee and Megan, managed the mid mountain aid station.

 Rock Run & Ride was voted to have the cutest aid station help for 2012 by Runner's World

This tree always looks better with snow but I love this pic Sam took.  The Idaho fire smoke ads to the beauty.

No stopping this guy... he is THE running machine.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Savannah Jane Falslev

Dispatcher talks dad through baby delivery on Smithfield roadside

Posted: Saturday, August 11, 2012 1:15 am
Her arrival wasn't exactly easy, but it was a story her family can share for years to come. Savannah Jane Falslev was born shortly after 8 p.m. Wednesday — on the side of a road. She is a tiny little babe, weighing just 5 pounds, 14 ounces at birth.She is the third child in her family, but her dad, Tyler Falslev, thinks she might be just a little extra special, because he was the one to help bring her into the world.
Tyler, 32, and his wife Allison, 30, live in Smithfield with their two sons. Tyler was at work Wednesday night, and Allison had spent some time with her parents. She started having minor contractions at around 3 p.m. that day, but based on her previous pregnancies, she said she didn't feel any sense of urgency.
At about 7:30 that evening, Allison called Tyler and told him they would probably be having a baby that night and asked when he would be home from work.
Fifteen minutes later, though, Allison called him back to inform him the baby was coming — soon — and they should go to the hospital immediately. She got in a car with her sister, who drove her to her home to collect her things. While they were there, her water broke, Allison said.
They got back in the car and headed for Logan, making it as far as the A&W in Smithfield where they met up with Tyler. Allison's sister got out of the car, and Tyler took her place behind the wheel.
The couple didn't make it two blocks before it became apparent that their child was going to be born right there, in the car. Tyler got out of the car and called 911.
Angie Peterson of Mendon was one of the dispatchers on duty that night. She has been a dispatcher for 14 years, but this was the first baby she has helped deliver.
"Usually the baby is already here, or we just have to dispatch an ambulance," she said.
In this case, she talked Tyler through the delivery as cars went zooming by. Savannah came feet first, and it wasn't an easy delivery.
"She was a tiny baby, and it was a blessing," Allison said.
Allison said that when her baby girl was born, she was quite blue and not breathing, so Tyler and Peterson switched gears. With help, Tyler got the baby breathing, and soon after, an ambulance arrived.
The new mom credits Peterson with helping to keep her husband somewhat calm, but Peterson gives credit to those on the scene.
"I am just the dispatcher," Peterson said. "Tyler did all the work."
Mom and baby were taken to the hospital, and both are doing well. They were released Friday.
On Friday morning, Tyler was still trying to take it all in.
"It was intense," he said. "There were some scary moments, but everything worked out, so we're happy."
As for Savannah, her daddy thinks she is just sweet.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

More fun at the Emmett Family Celebration and Shenanigans, 2012

Natural Water Slide






Brian ends it all with a cannonball!

Now for some still shots...

Our fearless leader!

Later that day....

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Emmett Family Reunion 2012

Boating at Deer Creek Reservoir

 Wasatch County Fair

 and Rodeo

 Natural Rock slide above Alpine Utah. Joel

 it's cold


 The Emmett Cousins in age order. From John William Emmett left to William Blaine Emmett right.
 The whole famdamily
 Making funny faces and cheering the just announced pregnancy of happy Adrienne (below)