Saturday, August 25, 2007

Many thanks!

Tom brought the digital camera to the house yesterday and after spending a day opening everything and trying to read and understand the directions, I tried a few pictures in the yard today. It works great so I have attached a few of the pictures to show you that it does work and is very much appreciated! Tom had to come and show me how to get the digital pictures into my Photoshop Elements program and I had to spend about an hour finding out where the pictures were after I saved them but I think we are making progress so wish me luck. I have about decided to use my old lens (a Tamron 28-200 mm. zoom) with the digital camera and put the Tamron 28-80 that came with the new camera on the EOS camera that uses film so Norda can use it to take pictures when she want to have prints made. Wish us both luck and thanks again.

House where the new camera will be carefully stored.

Butterfly bush blossom in the back yard.

Trumpet vine blossom with bee in the top one.

The north side of the garden.

Norda's raspberry patch in the north-west corner of the yard.


  1. Glad to see it all works. Looking forward to some gandkid pictures coming soon.

  2. Very Nice. The quality of the pictures is excellent - just look at the bee in the trumpet vine blossom. It's much easier to find then the butterfly in the photo above it :)