Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Fourth try: Rip Van Lee

It finally worked until I finished, although I don't have any idea why. The pictures above are of Tom reading the paper in '75, Tom and Kristin in '81, Ryan eating after Chance's blessing in '06, me with Sam and Mac in '96 and again with Sam in '96, me biting Polly's ear in '07, me asleep holdng Kristin in '81, and, finally, me in the blue chair in '06. I have about decided we have gotten our money's worth out of the two chairs over the years and hope Bob does the same with his new one when it gets to Irvine.


  1. Dad,Thanks for adding some fun photos. I trust you enjoyed the memories as you searched for photos. I added one more of Polly that I found on your unpublished draft. I imagine that Bill, Chad, Jake, Mary and Tom each have a photo or two they can add.

  2. Even though the pictures aren't from Christmas, I hear Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians in my mind when I look at all these pictures of dad's (or mom's) chair.