Saturday, April 24, 2010

Birthday Celebration and Family Gathering

The Guests of Honor. John W Emmett, celebrating his 83rd birthday, baby sister, Jo Ann Emmett Hickman and Norda Fife Emmett. All six of Jo Ann's daughters were able to attend. It was sure fun to catch up and get a hug from beautiful, fun and wonderful cousins.

Brother and Sister sharing a laugh. Both are battling cancer. The prognosis for both is uncertain, but Jo Ann isn't afraid to tell her brother, "If you go, take me with you!" Their courage, strength and faith is an inspiration to all of us.

Some of the Hickman gang hanging on every word of their Matriarch.

Max off to do some exploring

Some of the Emmett gang enjoying a warm spring afternoon.

You'll need to write your own caption. Looks like Bill has JD concerned about the story he is telling. Tom, on the other hand, looks like he's about to fall asleep.

Michael and Alex had their A game against Michael's old friend from Irvine, Cody Barlow, who is dating Michael's second cousin, Caitlin Benn

Jack showing off his 'goose egg' on his forehead from pulling a chair over on his head.

Four Generations

I thought this photo deserves a post of it's own. Robert Fife Emmett, John William Emmett, Robert Hal Emmett and new dad, Brian Jameson Emmett. We're sure glad great grandpa was able to make the trip to Highland today to celebrate his 83rd Birthday a day early.

Baby Shower for Bobby

Great Aunt Pam getting introduced to Bobby

If you went home hungry don't complain to the hostess (Grandma Annie)

Annie and her siblings, Rod, Mark, Pam, Jana and Mark's wife Laura.

Some of the family who gathered at Twin Pine Ranch for a baby shower for Bobby. Katie, Max, Allison, Jack, Aunt Lorie and Aunt Pam.

Bobby was super excited about the shower

Jackie has just talked Beth in to carrying out the gifts to the car.

Hanging out with Great Grandpa. Both of them know how to enjoy a good nap!

Jamie goes to prom/new house

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

I know I'm a day early, but happy birthday Grandpa!
We are excited to see everyone that makes it to the party in Highland tonight!

What's the answer to the hard question?
Grandpa Emmett loves me!

Happy birthday to the best Grandpa & Great Grandpa! We are so grateful for you & all you do. Thanks for your example of love & always putting your family first. We love you!

Happy Anniversary Ben & Courtney!

Happy 1st Anniversary you two!
We love you both!

Brian Jameson Emmett - BYU '10

Brian picking up is Diploma at the Marriott Center, April 23, 2009. Congratulations!!

Brian finds the right camera in a sea of amateur photographers


The happy family

Proud mama

No one really liked the sun in their eyes, but only Bobby voiced a protest.

John did double support duty. He attended Beth's brother Kurt's graduation in the morning and came back to support Brian's Business School graduation at 5PM.

We are proud of all our college grads. Brian joins Jackie, Beth and John as BYU alums and Kristin who represents the family tradition of USU grads.

Well Done!