Monday, August 13, 2007

I caved in...

Hi everyone,

While Lorin is off at Lake Powell, I have been trying to think of what can keep my week filled with fun.
Read Harry Potter 7 - done
Go to the zoo
Go to a matinee movie
Go to the Gateway & play in the fountains
Hang out with friends, watching So You Think You Can Dance? on my anniversary. :(
Visiting a friend that just had a new baby
Finishing up the family letter - done
Finish binding my quilt that I started with Grandma in MARCH

I finished the Family Letter & Harry Potter last night after Lorin left for Parowan with his family.

Any other ideas are welcome. I also take this opportunity to tell you all that I caved in (hence the title) & got my own blog. I have a friend that is dilligent in blogging & has wanted me to start for a long time. So I did. I probably won't put pictures up (I have about a gazillion on facebook) but it is going to be like a journal & I have posted a couple times on it already.


  1. it's my blog, and I'll write what I want to.... cute title. You will need to see Bourne again, the ending was too good to miss.

  2. A most excellent blog, if I do say so. I even put a link to your blog from mine. I guess I need to run another race or something so I can update mine.

  3. Wasn't Harry Potter good? I had to finish it before school started and I could no longer read for fun. If you are looking for more things to do this week Beth recommends the Twilight series. I got her the first one on our anniversary and she has had me bring the next two books home from work each day.