Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Papa John!

These aren't the best photos of dad and aren't worthy of a birthday tribute but they remind us of the spirit of one of mom's comment from yesterday. "The best birthday present we could have received was having all six of our children with us in the temple."

Happy birthday, dad, grandpa, great grandpa!

p.s. Congratulations to Ben and Courtney. We are extremely proud of Ben and thrilled to have Courtney join the family. We think they make a perfect couple and that we belong to the best family ever. - Jake and Lesa

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

family fun

Spring Break at Disneyland for three full days.

The canoe ride around Tom Sawyer island was a first for all of us. It was fun.

We all reallly liked the new toy story shooting arcade ride/game. We did it twice even with 40 minute lines.

Family Home Evening game night with games dad used as a missionary in Indonesia when we taught families about FHE. In this game a tower of flour is cut until the quarter on top falls. The person who made the fateful cut then has to push the quarter out with his/her nose. Joel, Sarah and Dad all got to push. When Will was to push out the quarter he started to cry (just like four year old Benny Sihombing did in Surabaya 33 years ago). Not to worry he was happy in time for treats.

Joel's orangutan habitat for his second grade project. Background photos are from dad''s trip to orangutan territory in central Borneo.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Good News

I just heard that we all get an extension on our family letters. I have been informed that we can all make it a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Grandpa on Saturday April 25 by emailing them in to the editor in chief. Happy Family Letter Writing!

Friday, April 17, 2009

A Boy Named Jake

Grandma found this book & gave it to me to show my dad. I thought it was pretty cute & thought we might all enjoy...

A Boy Named Jake
By: Mary Lundburg
Illustrated by a 3rd Grade Class, 1984

Once there was a little boy named John.

His dad's name was John, too, so everybody decided to call the little boy Jake.

Jake had a little sister named Mary.

Mary always wanted to play with Jake, but he was kinda busy playing with his friends & she was too little to play with them.

A few years went by & Mary turned 18 years old.

One day, Jake decided to go skiing with Mary because now she was big enough to play with him.

They went to Beaver Mountain one sunny day & had a great time skiing together.

Now, Jake & Mary ski with each other all the time.

Remember: When you're big enough to play with your brothers & sisters, play with them every day.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Look Who's 9

Happy 9th Birthday Alex!!! We celebrated Alex's 9th birthday with our Easter dinner and Family. Alex age 3 with Grandpa Emmett @ Beaver

Alex skiing the top of Targhee at age 3.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Good times in SoCal. After a canceled flight and some car-rental exchange, we arrived at Dana Point. Sunday gave us some time to enjoy Laguna Beach.

The entire gang.

"Merrick, check out that wave!"

"Wake me when they're five feet."

Monday was birthday fun with Mary and Amanda. Then it was time for artistic beauty at the Getty Museum. Loved the gardens and the Impressionists.

Lorie and Katie relaxing in the garden. We then did the Universal and Hollywood thing. Next, at play in the sands of San Clemente.

Lorie spotting dolphins.

(photo by Lorie)
It was great to see Melissa, Adam, Merrick, and so many other family members. Looking forward to a quick return over Memorial Day.

Friday, April 10, 2009

This should bring a smile to your face

Do you think Chad or Jackie had something to do with this?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Merrick steals the show at Mary and Amanda's birthday dinner

Happy Birthday to Mary and Amanda!! We had a fun family gathering at 20 Ashford yesterday. Bill, Lorie and Katie are in town for spring break and Mary and Amanda flew in for a whirlwind two night trip to take advantage of the free tickets Disneyland offers on your birthday. Melissa and Merrick joined in as well as Uncle Bill and Fanchione. The mixed grill of flank steak, chicken and kielbasa was excellent! It's not too late to book your trip to Irvine before escrow closes on May 11. Come on down!

William A and William R

Merrick and Mary

What are the chances this photo ends up in a scrapbook?

Fanchione and Kristin admiring Merrick

Uncle Bill catching up with his favorite niece and a couple of his favorite nephews

The sisters, cousins and baby Merrick

Merrick napping with his great Uncle Bob

The Smithfield Emmett's admiring the latest addition to the family