Sunday, August 29, 2010

Alex Goes Fishing

Here's the proof that he caught them by hand. The trick was to get them into a corner and grab them next to the wall.

Cache Valley Bank had a summer family party at White's Trout Farm in Paradise. They set up a pool and fill it with fish for the kids to catch with their hands. Alex kept 6 beauties and I filleted them and we actually cooked them for a Sunday meal.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


John and his good friend Casey competed in the Utah Half today.  'Half' referring to the distance of a half Ironman - 70.3 total miles.  1.2 mile Swim, 56 mile Ride and 13.1 Run. 
John and Casey putting on their game faces at 6:45 AM
Casey getting some help out of the water
John's last stroke coming into the ramp, Yup, that's his Livestrong band on his left wrist.

Out of the water and on the way to the Bike Transition

Sun trying to peak though above the 'Y'
Transition to the Bike
Casey making the most of the tail wind on the out bound leg on the south side of Utah Lake
John enjoying the same tail wind.....  not knowing trouble is just a few miles ahead.
In Homer Simpson voice......"mmmmmm......IHOP......"  Casey setting up for a right hand turn.
"Worst tire change ever" - John was now 40+ minutes behind Casey after flatting.  Too bad his dad wasn't there to help.
"Hi Mom!"  56 mile ride is done.  Next up is a 13.1 jog along the Provo River.
Casey on the home stretch
Annie (behind telephone pole), "See your dad?'  John, "Yup, he's over there"

Next serious training ride for John is Lotoja, then the big day in November - Ironman Arizona.  I predict he'll do great.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

FHE at Twin Pine Ranch

Isabel is introduced to Great-grandma and grandpa Emmett
About 50 members of four generations gathered to welcome home the Biet Emmett's from Jerusalem.  It was fun to have all six siblings together for the first time in more than a year.  


Tres Agnes
Isabel Agnes Emmett, Catherine Agnes Emmett, Norda Agnes Fife Emmett

Saturday, August 14, 2010

John Raced & Jack and Lily Play

John complete BAM last weekend that consisted of a Duathlon Friday night, Triathlon Saturday morning, and the 10K run Saturday night.  I played with Jack and Lily while he finished the 10k on Saturday night.  I love taking photos of these two kids.  Congrats to John for completing all three.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy 12th Birthday Sarah

We are so happy to have Sarah as part of our family. She is multi-talented. She is great with kids--including young Nadim at a gathering last Sunday in Bethlehem.
Here she and her brothers pretend to help a Palestinian girl frisk an Israeli solider. This graffiti in Bethlehem is by the famed British artist Bansky.
One of the service projects each semester for the BYU students is painting murals on the walls of the Princess Basma school for handicapped children on the Mt of Olives. This was the first semester the Emmett children have helped out. Sarah helped paint the turtle and Joel the cheetah/wildebeest/who-knows-what. Will painted dots on a wolf. Sarah has great artistic abilities.
A week ago we enjoyed the Tel Aviv beach. Sarah is a great playmate for Joel and Will. She helps come up with elaborate and creative games.

A few weeks ago she finished all of her Faith in God requirements and she is now ready to attend Yong Women's for the first time on our first Sunday back in Springville. For her birthday she wants to go to a bookstore and buy a book for the flight home. Without the school library this summer, her reading options have been limited.