Saturday, June 30, 2007

Logan Peak Trail Run

25 miles of brutal running, although most of it was walking. I managed to get my photo taken on one of the few level spots on the course which started up Dry Canyon, took the trail to the south into Providence Canyon, headed back to the back of Logan Peak, took a two mile climb to the top then back and around the north side, over to Dry Canyon, and back down. Fortunately, the weather was pretty nice and the scenery was spectacular.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Called to Serve

What a great day last Wednesday was. Michael, Annie and I were up way before the crack of dawn to get the final packing done and get to Long Beach in time to catch the 6:45 AM flight to SLC. Michael met his first MTC elder on the Flight. Elder Lopez from Cerritos was scheduled to check into the MTC at 12:30 - 30 minutes after Michael's noon check in. Elder Lopez is on his way to the Philippines. We arrived in Salt Lake on time, picked up a rental car then were off to Cafe Rio to meet up with John, Beth and Jack, the Springville Emmett's and the older half of the Lundberg crew. I understand that not a Wednesday goes by without a missionary or two coming into Cafe Rio as the last stop on the way to the MTC. Because of Mission President's training going on, Michael checked into the Stadium Chapel - the church house just west of the football stadium. Elder Whitney and Sister Kathy Clayton stopped by on their lunch break from the missionary training to say goodbye and to give Michael a gift of personalized Denver South stationary. We were among the last ones into the meeting and missed almost all of "Called to Serve." After the final tearful video, Michael stepped up, gave us all a hung and a kiss and was among the first missionaries out the side door. We all had a few tears in our eyes, especially John, who lost it during the video when one of the Elders talked about how his little brother cried when he left and John pictured Michael as a 10 year old giving his brother John a final tearful hug before he left for Denmark. Outside, I tried in vain to keep my commitment to Michael that I wouldn't cry, instead I would do black flips down the street. Oh well, I did cry and I couldn't do a back flip. Godspeed to Elder Emmett.

If it's Wednesday, it's missionary day at Cafe Rio

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Tuesday night President Scott Muir arrived shortly after 9PM to set Michael apart as a missionary. Kristin along with Michael's friends Abby, Trevor and Christian were also on hand. All had the chance to give Michael some advice or share their testimony. It was a great evening. Michael shared a strong and bold testimony and commitment to the work ahead. The following morning Michael, Annie and I were on the 6:45 AM flight from Long Beach to SLC.

49 Bye-Byes

I only picked 5 of the 49 photos, but you get the idea. We had a fun send off party for Elder Mikey last Saturday night.


I love my parents and am grateful for the example they are to me! Look forward to many more wonderful years! June 28th 1977.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Can single people post about themselves?

I have not posted anything on my own yet and thought I would give this a try. This is Amanda and I after riding the beach cruisers around Irvine. The other photo is Laura Redford and I at the Newport Beach temple. She was my roommate freshmen year at Utah State. I was a bridesmaid and it was my first sealing to attend. I am so excited to be at Laura and Clark's in two weeks.

New roof at the Twin Pine Ranch

Here are a couple photos of the new non tar, non rock, non leaking (we hope) tin roof. The dark brown color really looks good. I am not sure what Mom and Dad will do not being in the political circle of Jim Skabelund any more???

Monday, June 25, 2007

Third try

I still haven't figured out how to get the typed information to show up where I want it to - maybe later if Bob can tell or show me how. The top two pictures are of the sand sculptors and the other two are of Chad and Will standing in the water and Joel and Alex running in the water.

Second try

I finally got some photos scanned from a trip to North Beach at Bear Lake last year. I am sending them on to see if it will encourage any of you to go there with us on Tuesday July 3rd. Chad and Bill are already committed. Joel is running in the water, Will is standing at the water's edge, and Alex is floating on a blow up toy.

I may or may not figure this out by myself

Summer fun with the Smithfield gang

Katie and her nephews enjoying summer:

Max: "Why is Grandpa pointing that black thing at me and saying 'Maa...aaxx'?"

Chance: "Okay, I've had supper. Now, let's play some baseball!"

Koebe: "This one's going yard!"

Koebe: "No way I'm getting tagged at third with this jump!"

Koebe setting up for his unassisted double-play (caught fly and tag out at second).

Another run scored for Jaxson.

Jaxson: "See, the idea is to catch the ball and then throw it to first instead of looking at butterflies."

Coach Markworth: "Is that your Grandpa sitting in the first base path taking your photo?"
Jaxson: "What Grandpa? I don't see a Grandpa."

Cousin Riley Nielson showing Katie the fine art of navigating Bear Lake on a tube.


I think I have figured this thing out...

I think I have figured this blog thing out. I could never see where I needed to go to post a message and upload a picture. I guess I need to now start taking more pictures. We'll start off with this one of Max over Memorial Day at Gma's house playing in the closet. He's so little he fits in there perfect!

Who would name a kid "Roland"?

Welcome to YPR as our newest contributor. Bill tells me that he and Lorie have a new camera and no longer have an excuse not to post updates on their ever expanding family. The number one son is so excited that he expects to post 2-3 times a day.... or every 2-3 days.... or was that every 2-3 weeks....

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pictures of Africa

The African Penguin

View from our place in Cape Town
Brady and I sandboarding
On top of Table Mountain
The Chinese tour group and I at the Cape of Good Hope
Jackie and I at Cape Point

Kruger Park morning ride
Sunrise in Kruger
We came across a family of elephants
Cleaning one another
Sunset set in Kruger
Macaneta Beach

Johannesburg Temple
Supertubes in Jeffrey's Bay

View from our window

Early morning session