Monday, March 31, 2008

Emily In Vermont

Emily's companions from the MTC in front of the Provo Temple. Emily's self portrait while driving in Vermont. Emily and her companion (Sister Holdcraft from Chicago), trying to stay warm while tracting near the banks of Lake Champlain. Emily is spoiled by her mom -- all those who received an Easter Basket while on their mission, please raise your hand. - - - I thought so.

Friday, March 28, 2008

One Step Closer to Being an Emmett

I took Jackie out for her first day of skiing and she did awesome! We did the rope tow for about an hour and a half, took a lunch break, and then did three runs on the chair lift. She had a fun time, even though "it's really hard!" Thanks to Beth for letting Jackie borrow your ski outfit.

Happy Birthday Molly!

Happy 18th Birthday! I don't know about all the festivities of the day, but I do know that as I write this post, Molly is out to dinner with my parents & Erin.
I hope you had a great birthday Molly & hope to see you in Utah SOON! Love - Lorin, Paige, Polly & Studley Dudley.
I also put up a post on the Fotheringham blog, let me know if you don't have access to login & I can send you an invite.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Training

Jackie and I, with a few friends, made the trip down to Phoenix this Easter weekend to catch a few preseason baseball games. We saw two on Friday and then these pictures were taken at our Saturday game, the Angels vs. the Dodgers. Angels beat the Dodgers as well as the Texas Rangers the day before so it was a good trip. We stayed at Jackie's grandma's house so I met her and a few other relatives that live down there. One more approval to check off.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

more photos from Logan

The Springville Emmett's stopped by to celebrate Mac's birthday.

Mac, talking on the phone with her mom, was very surprised I got her room painted (not the pink upper part yet, but soon) before she got home from school but most suprised with the new bedroom set for her 12th birthday.

Alex and Mac have been great supporters, most of the time, of Sam's races. Brighton ski resort.

This may be as close as we get to an Olympic champion. Did Sam sign uncle Bill's Dr. Pepper can? Snow Basin

Alex enjoyed many hours skiing by himself at Snow Basin and riding the jumps in the park. When I road up the little lift with him the lifty said, "Hey, you found someone to go in the park with you." I think they all got a kick out of him.

Off to the Races

Sam finished 2nd in the Kombi race, first in the SL and first in the GS giving her the combined overall title for South Series Championship at Snowbasin. Not bad for a first year ski racer... On a sad note her friend Jocelyn Garlick was killed at Beaver on Saturday when she hit a tree. This was tough news for Sam and all of us. Our hearts go out to her family. Sam dedicated her GS race to Jocie with encouraging words Jocie often said written on Sam's boots. "Go big or go Home!" and Jocie's nick name "Jiggy." It must of paid off....

Not all racing, Easter weekend was full of activities. We enjoyed listening to Polly and coloring Easter eggs. McKinley took the giant step and enjoyed her first day at Young Women's.

Monday, March 24, 2008

WE'RE (finally) ENGAGED!

We are finally and officially engaged! It happened Friday night down in Salt Lake on the balcony of the Little America Hotel where we were staying looking towards the Grand America, Wasatch Mountains, and my alma mater. It just happened to be sunset (not planned) but added a nice touch. We celebrated after with dinner at Bambara.
We are both very excited and are planning for Summer 2009. (I don't love these pictures but that is all we have right now thanks to Laura)
I have to give praise to Nick, he did an amazing job picking out the ring with only a little help from Rob and Kimber Ballam.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Savior of the World

I hope all of the Emmett's enjoyed a wonderful Easter Sunday. Today in Young Women's Annie taught the entire ward Young Women's group and told the touching and heartbreaking story surrounding her dad's death on Easter Sunday when she was just 10 years old. It was a difficult way to teach of the Atonement and Resurrection, but she did an awesome job as both Kristin and I can attest.

The Irvine Stake is in the middle of a wonderful production of 'Savior of the World'. From the overview presented on the production web site; "The production Savior of the World: His Birth and Resurrection is a powerful testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ. Through music and drama, the production recounts the historical events leading up to the birth of the Messiah and the events following His glorious Resurrection. During this Easter season, Savior of the World provides a meaningful opportunity for all to remember His birth and resurrection and renew their devotion to Him.The production is presented as a theatre in the round and features a beautiful soundtrack orchestra and seating for approximately 500 guests around the stage will bring the audience closer to the performers. A 125 voice Angel Choir will surround the audience on a colonnade 8-12’ high. The audience will be a part of the sets and be enveloped in the experience. Come and See". Orange Country Register review of the production is here.

Prior to the production, we were fortunate to have David Warner, husband of Emmett cousin Allison Hickman and Director of Music and Cultural Arts for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, join the Irvine Stake for a special fireside last Sunday. He didn't present the fireside in an official capacity, but rather as a friend and family member. Following the brief fireside, he spent an additional hour with the cast and crew answering questions and sharing insight regarding the development of SOTW.

On Friday, David flew back to southern California along with Jared Haddock and Ross Boothe to watch the Friday evening show. Both work with David and are involved in directing the SLC production of SOTW. They all enjoyed the production and afterward, David twisted some arms until Jared agreed to sit at the piano in our living room and sing a song they are working on for a new production. With Jared still at the piano, Ross then sang another song from the production. The music was incredible and from the few details they shared about the new production, it will be a must see. Annie was more than a little disappointed that we didn't get this midnight concert recorded and that we didn't twist David's arm and get him to sing. Maybe next time.

Melissa heard about the production from mom and dad so she and Adam took advantage of two extra tickets I had to the sold out Friday night performance. We all met at Jalepenos for some fine Mexican food prior to the show. Kristin, Adam and Melissa David, Jared, Ross and Bob (you'll have to take my word for it, but Annie was also with us)

Happy Easter & Happy Birthday Dad!

Cache Valley was good to us this Easter. It's a long story, but we ended up having to drive into Logan from Hyde Park to use Grandma & Grandpa's shower n Sunday morning. It was very much appreciated to not end up as the stinky family at church on Easter Sunday. (It reminded me of how clean Grandma keeps the house when she doesn't have guests leaving their clutter & toys everywhere!) The only thing we did for Polly this Easter was her new dress to match all her cousins. What will it be like with a little boy in the middle of all these girls?

We were also grateful to Tom, Shelly & their kids for helping watch Polly while we went to the Sky View Encore dinner theater on Saturday night. The dinner was good & the performance was great. At Tom & Shelly's, Polly colored Easter Eggs & came home happy with a cute easter basket (pictured below)! Thanks for entertaining her all evening after such a long day.

Last but not least ... Happy Birthday to my favorite bishop! I didn't know if & when I should call, so I sent out a birthday text message after church. Hopefully the ward went easy on you because of the holiday & your birthday on the same day! (If it were our old ward you would have been invited to primary for a special birthday song, too!) Happy Birthday & we love you!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Samboni hits the gates

Lorie and I traveled down to Snowbasin today and watched Sam rock the course. The girl can turn 'em.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Current photos from Beaver Mountain





Elliott Rich

Wayne Rich

Robert Hutchison

Papa John favoring right knee

Papa John favoring left knee

It has been fun having the Illini Emmetts here this week and to also get in some skiing with Chad, Sarah, Joel, Jake, Lorin, Tom, Shelly, Alex, and what is left of the Courduroy Posse. The weather has been somewhat variable so some days we could see better than on others but even a bad day of skiing beats most other days. Jim Fain, a professional rodeo photographer and also a Beaver Mountain instructor, took some pictures of me during two rides last Monday. Unfortunately they all looked like me skiing - none looked like Bode Miller, Herman Maier, Samantha Emmett, or Stein Erickson. Oh well, if its true, its true.

Does Sam need an agent?

Tom sent me this photo of Sam en route to winning the J2 GS last Saturday at Brighton. I am in awe at the flex she has on her outside ski and that she can remain upright with her backside only inches off the snow. I sent the photo to a buddy in the UK who likes to photoshop ski photos. He spent some time trying to lighten the photo and improve the contrast (he's the one who convinced me to buy the Nikon D80 with the 18-200 VR lens). One thing is for sure, in both versions of the photo Sam looks FAST.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

winter fun

Will asleep in his crib in his favorite going to sleep position. His beloved blanky by his side. Last week Sarah moved to her lovely bedroom in the basement and Will moved in to a big boy bed in Joel's room.

Sarah and Joel with our traditional New Year's Eve rainbow platter.

Joel playing Lego Star Wars on his Game Boy. Will loves to watch.

Joel on our front yard toboggan run. The banners are in celebration of Marie's birthday.

Joel and Sarah skiing at Beaver Mountain last week.