Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sam going to Logan High

Congratulations to Sam Emmett for making the Logan High soccer team!!! First game is Thursday August 9th against Sky View

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dope Free

Team Norda's is always available for Doping tests and the team has never failed a drug test. When we say we are in Mexico you can rest assured that we are really there and that we are not in Italy working with some shady doctor. The photos above show Bob chasing Brian (first photo) and John (second photo) on the descent from the summit of Strawberry into the Bear Lake Valley at Lotoja 2006. The last photo is of John and Michael before an easy ride with the bros and their domestique dad.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Our Pioneer Heritage


Robert William EMMETT William Field wagon co 1854 Sarah BOOTHMAN


Henry Roland EMMETT William Field wagon co 1854 Margaret IRVING

Christian JENSEN Jens Christian CHRISTENSEN

Mary JENSEN Leonard Rice wagon co 1867 Anne Marie JENSEN

Leonard Rice wagon co 1867 (age 3) Karen PEDERSEN Peter ANDERSON
John William EMMETT Leonard Rice wagon co 1867 Kristina (Kjaristin) JENSEN

Oliver Hunt DUDLEY Gilman DUDLEY

Charles Heber DUDLEY Edward Hunter wagon co 1850 Polly/Mary HAINES


Harriet DUDLEY Edward Hunter wagon co 1850 Susannah ROBINSON

George Benjamin WALLACE John WALLACE

Dorothy Ann WALLACE A Smoot & G Wallace wagon co 1847 Mary TRUE

Hannah DAVIS Edward DAVIS

Abraham Smoot wagon co 1852 Sarah DRABBLE

Adam Sharp FIFE Adam FIFE Wilkins 1852

Adam Jolley FIFE Wilkins Freight Train 1852 (age 13) Helen SHARP Wilkins 1852

Comfort JOLLY William JOLLEY Died in route in Kansas, May 1854

William Shumway FIFE Darwin Richardson Co 1854 (age 8) Comfort ALLIBONE (Hallebone) Richardson 1854

Charles M SHUMWAY Charles SHUMWAY Brigham Young Co 1847

Agnes Louisa SHUMWAY
Lousia MINNERLY J Grant, W Snow 1847

Sarah Wilson JARDINE John JARDINE Stevenson 1859
Norda Agnes FIFE Edward Stevenson 1859 (age 4) Agnes BEVERIDGE Stevenson 1859


Chester SOUTHWORTH III John B Walker 1852 (age 63) Zerviah CRANE (CRAINE)

John B Walker Company 1852 (age 9) Mary BYINGTON James BYINGTON

Veara SOUTHWORTH John B Walker 1852 (age 40) Susannah NICHOLS


Agnes CALDWELL Lost at sea in route to Zion ~1848 Sarah BAXTER

James Willie Handcart 1856 (age 9) Margaret Ann MC FALL Robert MC FALL

James Willie handcart co 1856 Mary CUNNACHY

Friday, July 20, 2007


Paige read the previous posting closely enough to notice that I had mistakenly titled one picture "Lorin smiling" when it should have been "Tyler smiling." Because I don't know how to go back and correct things, this notice will have to do. Sorry about that! (note: since corrected, Bob)

Delayed old-fashioned (film) pictures from wedding

Clark and Laura coming out of the Bountiful Temple; Laura and Katie; Laura with mother and sisters; Adrienne and Nick; Melissa, Polly and Adam; Paige, Polly, and Lorin cropped in front of Temple door; Paige and Lorin as love-birds; Paige as photographer; Tom, Shelly, Sam, and Mac without shy Alex; Tyler smiling; Matt, Kim and Chance; JD and Mindy (in that order.)

Those of you who thought I wouldn't know how to do this, please raise your hands. OK, you can all put your hands down now. If any of you know how to 1. size a picture, 2. arrange where the text goes, or 3. generally manage the blog, please let me know.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ben's old and new companion

Elder Mills going home (left). Elder Jeize (right).

Emmett's Made Fresh....take three

Chad is now certified as a navigator and can lead you directly to Emmett's Made Fresh. Such was not the case yesterday. Thankfully, we had Beth in the truck with us and she got us there with no problem. Chad and his kids had to walk a short distance after driving right past it. He said something about the the address being wrong on the website. I'm sure he's checking into that right now. Thankfully he has a few more years before his stint as scoutmaster begins and he has to lead Joel and Will to the camp site in the dark on a Friday night. The senior Emmett's - none other than John and Norda - also joined with Mary and most of her girls for a fine dinning experience. The owner said they wanted to name the place "Lehi's Other Dream", but weren't sure the local Mormons would appreciate the humor so they settled on 'Emmett's Made Fresh'

summer fun

Playing T-ball for the Springville Blue jays

FHE visit to grafitti covered abandoned box cars

July 3rd at Bear lake, July 13 at Jordanelle Reservoir

Laura and Clark's reception

Grandma and Jack at Emmett's Made Fresh

Jack's overnighter with grandma and grandpa

Annie and I talked John and Beth into letting us take Jack to Logan last Sunday night for a sleep over at Great-grandma Smith's house. He was great and we had a ton of fun showing him off to Annie's brothers and sister Jana. We also enjoyed lunch with his great-grand parents. He mowed through three limes, flinching slightly on the last one that had some salsa on it.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Not that there's anything wrong with that...

Isn't he lovely? These are pictures from the BBQ we had at Clark's parents house Friday night.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

4th of July

For the 4th of July holiday, Adam and I drove up to Santa Barbara to spend time with family and friends before Adam starts work on Mon.

We went to a pancake breakfast in the morning for the Montecito Fire Dept. and then spent the rest of the day at the beach.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Emmett's Made Fresh...take two

Lorin & I were down in Saratoga Springs & went through Lehi to get home. We saw Emmett's & just had to stop! The best part (besides the free food) was seeing John & Beth's picture! What a fun time & great food. We didn't get our t-shirt because they didn't have a camera to take our picture. So the camera phone had to do this time. Thanks to John & Beth for the fun idea! I would have never recognized it if it hadn't been for the blog!http://www.whereisemmett.com

More Birthday Celebration

Oh boy, we LOVE a party!

Koebe and Jaxson striking a birthday pose.

Koebe goes with the old school Jazz cake while Jaxson prefers the Broncos, much to the delight of his Grandpa and no one else.

Okay, everyone smile, except Max, you go ahead and cry . . .