Sunday, May 11, 2014

Norda's 87th

Today most of the Emmett clan gathered at Bob and Annie's home to celebrate Norda Fife Emmett's 87th birthday (yesterday) and to honor her on Mother's Day.

Grandma showing a gift from granddaughter McKinley.The photo is from McKinley's senior prom last night where she worn a dress that Norda worn to a USU dance back in the 40s that was made by her mother Veara.

The dress (from a Facebook post)

Photo bombed by Timmy!

Top Ten Things I Learned from My Mother

I know this picture is a repeat but it shows a few of things I learned from my mom.

Top Ten List of the Many Things I Learn from My Mom 

10. Love of nature - mom always is quick to point out subtle signs of beauty in everyday life
9. Value of hard work - our house and yard was always clean 
8. Respect for others - she taught her children to stand up, shake hands, and say, "how do you do?" Also, please and thank-you. 
7. Adventurous - While I'm the least traveled of my siblings, I do love exploring America
6. Knowledge and education and love of history. Every family vacation included stops at historical sites roadside and even historical markers.
5. Engaged in good causes. Rather than watching soap operas mom would rather make a quilt for newlyweds or shovel the neighbors walks.

From the photo it shows the following;

4. Cleanliness is next to Godliness - look those well dressed and clean looking children
3. Organization and preparation - putting six kids into a station wagon to go any where takes much forethought and planning
2. Love of Jesus Christ - the picture was taken at temple square, one of many visiting to religious sites while on family trips
1. Love of family - look at how proud she is our her children despite their "defects".

Thank-you for all the lessons, mom. I may be a slow learner but eventually I figured a few things out. Love, Jake