Monday, April 30, 2007

May 1, 1981

26 years ago, Annie gave me an early morning wake up shove followed with, "My water just broke, we need to go to the hospital". A short time later Kristin Marie Emmett entered this world. We were so excited and blessed and have felt that way ever since. She is wonderful daughter and sister. She is a loyal friend, hard worker and the best daughter in the world. Happy Birthday Kristin!

Kristin's Half Marathon

Last Saturday, Kristin and a few friends ran the SLC marathon and half marathon. Kristin has been suffering with knee pain while training but gutted it out with the help of a little ibuprofen (I don't know where she learned that). The weather was chilly, the knee started hurting at mile two and the pain increased on the downhill portion. She finished in a respectable of 2:54, about 30 minutes longer than her previous best time. Congratulations to Kristin for sticking with it all the way to the finish line.

Where in the World is Brian's luggage

The first report from South Africa:

Hey Guys!
I'm in South Africa! The flight was pretty long I must say. 5.5 hours to NYC, 30 minutes to eat a slice of pizza before I had to board for the 7 hour flight to Dakar, Sengal. We landed there and had to stay on board for an hour as we switched crew and picked up a few more people. Then we had the 8 hour flight from Dakar to Johannesburg. Gnarly is the only way to describe it. I slept most of the way to NYC, but then only an hour or so on the first leg to Africa, then probably 2.5 hours to Joburg.
The place I am staying at is pretty sweet. It is just like a lodge. The guy who lives here is super cool, we just ordered a pizza. He'll give me a ride to the airport tomorrow, which will save me from paying the schemeing taxi drivers. It cost me about 30 bucks to get here. The taxi drivers had one of their friends drive me so there was no meter. It is just your typical bed and breakfast place though.
Have you guys seen my luggage? I guess I will get it on Wednesday, according to South African Airways. I noticed the two other kids that flew out of LAX also didn't get their luggage. D'oh!
Well, I'll meet up with the others tomorrow and then I'm off to Maputo! Joburg is 10 hours ahead of you guys (pretty sure) so I might be 11 hours ahead in Mozambique. Take care.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Brian is off to Mozambique

Brian is departing early Sunday morning for Mozambique! This is a BYU study abroad program. Among other things, Brian will be teaching English to school kids. Where, you ask is Mozambique? What language do they speak there? You could check out this link or wait for updates from Brian.

Magic Mountain Madness

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Proud to be a son of Papa John

Happy Birthday to the best dad ever!

Who else could have got Jake on a mission and taught him to (eventually) love skiing? Plus, he "encourage" Jake to propose to Lesa.

Thanks for your great example and support,
Love, Jake, Lesa, Ben, Molly and Erin

Happy 80th Birthday

From one generation to another,
they look and see,
and understood who they should be
We love you Grandpa

4 Generations of Emmetts

Look at all of that goodness that has come from Grandpa! Imagine what another 80 years will bring! (Grandpa is clearly the most intelligent one of the group, being the only one looking at the right camera!)

Hasn't Aged a Bit

Is that Kramer in the self portrait?

Here's to 80 great years

Happy Birthday to the Octogenarian! We love you! Chad, Marie, Sarah, Joel and Will

Happy 80th Birthday

Happy Birthday to my dear,dear father-in-law that I love and admire so much! Love Annie

Happy Birthday!

We love you so much Grandpa! Hope you have a great day. We can't wait to see you next month when my dad comes out!

P.S. This picture is of Polly & Grandpa the day before Polly's birthday (2.3.07)

Love - Lorin, Paige & Polly

Happy 80th Grandpa!

Ditto to the words of YPR... I couldn't ask for a more amazing set of grandparents. Truly an inspiration. Love you both.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Still Skiing Strong at Eighty

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREAT GRANDPA!!! Your knees, back and ankles aren't what they used to be, but you inspire us each time you buckle up, click in and jump on the chairlift. While there are thousands of examples of things we admire and respect about you, this tribute is dedicated to your skiing legacy - May it live on and continue to grow for generations to come. We all expect to see you back on the slopes next Christmas with a new titanium rod holding your back together. Good luck with the upcoming surgery! (note: click on any photo to see larger version)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Where in the world is Mikey going?

Michael's Missionary Application papers have been submitted and according to the status shows "received at headquarters". Now is the time to email your guess to: or you can post your prediction below in the comment box.

Here's some help. For a list of missions go to

My memory is not so good, but this is my best effort at a list of where Michael's other family members have served:

Grandma/Grandpa - Connecticut Hartford
Dad and Uncles
Bob - Japan Nagoya
Bill - Kentucky/Tennessee/Nauvoo
Chad - Indonesia
Jake - Philadelphia, PA
Tom - England London South
Jim - Taiwan
Gary - Japan Fukuoka
Mark - Japan Kobe
Brothers and Cousins
John - Denmark Copenhagen
Brian - Brazil Porto Alegre South
Ben - Brazil Salvador South
JD - Germany Hamburg
Lorin - Philippines
Adam - Spain Madrid
Tyler - Mexico Merida
Curtis - Russia Yekaterinburg
Andy - Canada Calgary
Matt - Mexico
Jed - El Salvador
JD - North Carolina
Dave - Brazil Porto Alegre North
Jacob - Tulsa Oklahoma departs August 2007

More of Easter and some skiing too

Top: Sarah, Katie and McKinley skiing Marge's Triple at Beaver Mountain; happy kids the day after Easter just before we smashed all the eggs in the backyard in a FHE egg demolition derby; Beaver Mountain in March; Carly dashing for an egg; Emmett cousins ready for the Easter Egg hunt. This is my first ever blog post so forgive the lack of creativity. Chad

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Weekend in Cache Valley

After Grandpa's not-so-heart-attack, we decided to take our Stake Conference as a free week & take a trip to visit family. Here are pictures playing with Great Grandma Emmett in the backyard, playing on the back porch & with a baby chick out at the Fotheringham Farm in Hyde Park.

Easter Madness

Here are a couple of pictures from Easter at the Springville Emmetts. Sarah found the camaflouge egg that Uncle Jim had hid and got $10 for it. Camilla and Joel both got $2 bills from Grandma and Grandpa.

Aunt Jo Ann is one tough cookie

A tumble on her cement walkway in February is nothing compared to the past two days.

The latest post surgery update from Patrica:

Greetings everyone!
Mother has spent almost 48 hours in the intensive care unit but the staff is already discussing putting her in a regular room later on this afternoon. Her first 24 hours were amazing since she didn't have any pain medication or epidural and felt no pain! The doctors, nurses, and acute pain team were amazed and had her roll over to make sure the medication wasn't going through the epidural. She was talking and kidding the staff and felt well enough to call some of us in the morning. Today the honeymoon is over and she has been experiencing pain and is less talkative but still aware of what is going on. She has been out of bed for a short walk (to the door of the room and back!) yesterday and today and amazingly the nurse has heard some quiet bowel sounds. So all in all things are going forward.
Thank you all so much for your loving care for our family. We are saving all your e-mails so Mom can read them when she is feeling better. We are so grateful to be part of such wonderful families.
The Hickman's

Saturday, April 21, 2007

More BBQ photos from Paige

The newest generation of Emmett's - Polly, Max and Jack - are a good looking crew!

Emmett Family Reunion shirts on ebay??

I hope it is only a rumor that these shirts have been showing up on ebay.

First submission

What a great way to approach 80! Many thanks, Bob, from both of us. Now if I can only remember what Bob has walked me through over the phone. I was really relieved to get the report on Jo Ann and it was much better than I expected. I was afraid they wouldn't be able to do much surgically but it sounds like a Herculean effort really did take place. I forgot to ask whether you have to sign contributions so I'll end with Papa John just to be sure.

Jack and Beth's Easter visit

While John was off to Aspen skiing with Beth's brothers and friends, Beth, Jack, her mom, sister Marci and her boys, Porter and Seth, came to California to stay with Grandma and Grandpa Miller. Beth and Jack stopped by Irvine for a couple of days. It might be my favorite Easter visit ever! Jack had plenty of smiles to share.