Monday, August 20, 2007

At least 59 "Thank you's" and more!

From the bottom of our hearts, this old couple, shown here in better days wearing a quilted robe and some patterned pajamas over a cast following knee surgery in 1970, would like to thank you for the thoughtful Anniversary present. We hope we are not too old to learn the intricacies of a digital camera but are fearful of our short-term memory loss. Depending on how it works out, we may have to resort to getting a lap top computer and digital projector for future use. Anyway, thanks again for such a thoughtful gift!


  1. Nice, I knew you had at least one more Rip Van Lee photo hiding somewhere. Mom looks especially relaxed. I wonder why you haven't shared that chair more over the years. That fine quilted robe does bring back memories of mom fixing a grapefruit half for me before sending me off to school. I think you will love playing with the camera - with or without short term memory loss.

  2. This will be the perfect photo to put in the Herald Journal next Aug. 20th!