Friday, August 31, 2007

Peach Ice Cream - the count down is on for Lotoja

One week from tonight the LOTOJA riders and some of their families will be looking forward to the highlight of the trip for many - home made peach ice cream at the Twin Pines Ranch. Mom and Dad have assured me that the ice cream maker will be ready to go. The big question for the ride is the same as always - what will the weather be like? Sunny and perfect like last year or the rain, snow and cold like 2005? Only John and Mark Facer have shown the willpower and determination (or was it stupidity?) to ride in the rain. This is one time we should not "Pray for Snow".


  1. We are alwsays amazed at how many crazy riders want to make the trip from Logan to Jackson under their own power. Oh well, what ever makes you happy...

  2. I am so excited to make the trip this year! Even if it is for 4 days. Thanks to the Bank of Bob. Last year I had to stay and work but not this year! Lets hope next year I can be ready for doing the relay. The count down is on for next year. :)