Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Anniversary!

The thought of today being our four year anniversary brought back a memory of a home video...someones anniversary when I was little. Anyway, all the brother's started singing what sounded to me like a made up anniversary song, repeating "happy" about 5 times in a row.
Eventhough Lorin is at Lake Powell enjoying what I can only hope is good weather & all types of water safety, I am still having a great day. I got up & went to the zoo with Polly & one of my friends who has a little boy who will be a year old tomorrow. Lorin has our camera at the lake, so no pictures of the zoo this time. :( Now I am doing some correspondance & then plan on going to a "mod bod" party with a friend. You know, the long undershirts that have been the trend for awhile, allowing you to layer or make immodest tops or low-riding pants live up to LDS dress standards. I am in need of a few & might get myself an anniversary gift there. :) After that I am having some friends over to watch So You Think You Can Dance? Should be a good time.

Hopefully Lorin will be able to call home tonight. He can't charge his call phone at the lake due to the fact that his Grandpa isn't fond of using the generator for...well, anything. So his phone is always off unless he is making a call.

Thanks to Grandma & Grandpa for always remembering birthdays & anniversarys. I save all of my "twin pine original" cards every year. I also got a package from my mom today. What a great family! I love all the friendships & support that we give one another.

It has been a wonderful 4 years of "marital bliss," I couldn't ask for better. One of my YW asked me if I regretted getting married at 19. I told her, really I was almost 20, but no. :) I have loved every minute of married life & even if there were times here & there that I could do without, the good outweigh the bad so much that they're hardly remembered. It was the right choice for me & I won't ever forget the night that I got my answer to marry Lorin & how special it was for us. I couldn't ask for a better husband, I love him so much & I am glad that he is enjoying himself doing what he loves today, we can celebrate together on Friday!


  1. We have suspected all along that you really loved Lorin but it was nice to see it in print. We, too, are glad you made the right decision and feel both Lorin and Polly are well worth adding to the family!

  2. I wanted to thank Grandma & Grandpa as well for the Twin Pine Originals. They serve as great reminders (and keepsakes).

    Happy Anniversary Fotheringhams!