Sunday, September 30, 2007

Life in Logan, again...

Shelly snapped some photos today on a walk up Dry Canyon. A bit of snow in the shade of the rocks. We enjoyed a little snow ball fight, first of the season, many to come we hope. The colors are very pretty at this time.

Alex in flag football, they switch positions every play. Alex ran a kick off and a hand off to score his Rams their only two touchdowns. Tie 2-2 as some kids say.

Sam is still playing a little bit of soccer, one more week then on to state. LHS is undeafeted in region play with two more games.

Koebe on the Gridiron

Koebe Wilson and the Blustery Football Game.

Koebe plays outside linebacker on defense and left guard on offense.

He plays with passion and skill. I'm impressed with his coach, Doug Beach. He has the boys playing well.

Trying to stay warm during halftime.

Fighting off the block.

Pulling block for an eventual touchdown run.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Happy Birthday - Yesterday!

I'm sorry I didn't post anything yesterday, but I talked to Allison on her birthday and I know that in the morning she had some cupcakes with girlfriends, lunch with Pauline and Katie, then dinner at Firehouse with Tyler.
We love you Alli

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Utah State vs. Salt Lake Community College

Yesterday Lorin & I took Polly & met up with Laura in Salt Lake for one of Clark's games. It started out really well & wasn't too cold. By the end, the referee's were probably fearing for their life, some of the Aggie fans were getting pretty upset. My favorite was the lady behind us who always had something to say. Also, Lorin's rage, "hey ref...grabbing the jersey, let's rock & roll here!" It was pretty intense. I was happy to get a few shots of Clark, wishing that I had Bill's camera for some better action. Maybe someday. So the final score was either 4-1 or 3-1, USU loss. We will have to check with Clark for the final score, but I was
proud of the Aggies for hanging in there. Lorin commented on the way home that USU is such a good team & he could tell. It was just a bummer that all the calls & cards were against us. Salt Lake was getting away with everything in the book! Not to mention Lorin used to work with a bunch of Brazillians that only cared about soccer. Die-hard fans of Real Salt Lake, they would call in sick to watch a game. He said that's the way this team was & they probably didn't even care about girls or having a social life. Just soccer & getting a scholorship. It was a great game anyway. I love watching live soccer & actually being there. Knowing someone on the team was a bonus, too! When Clark came over after the game it was like we were in the "in" crowd. :) It was fun to see him in action & watch the game with Laura! I'm just glad it didn't start raining. By end end it was freezing!

Monday, September 24, 2007


The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, formerly known as the Anaheim Angels and the California Angels just clinched their 3rd division title in the past 4 years. Annie and I were at the game on Friday night when they failed to clinch the title against Ichiro and the Seattle Mariners. We watched team MVP, Vladimir Guerrero, get a clutch hit off a ball low and outside of the strike zone but that was not enough. Next up - the Red Sox or Yankees.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Clark kicks winning goal for USU

Clark representin' against some club that I didn't catch the name of.

Looking for the cross.

Clark going after it (with a little help from his hand).

Setting up for the go-ahead goal.

The man's got game. Well done Clark!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Polly loves Karaoke!

We played Karaoke Revolution with some friends last night. It wouldn't have been complete without the little girls having a turn. Polly is a little sunburnt from playgroup yesterday...for 3 hours! (I never thought she would last that long) but here is a picture of her (with her back to the game) pretending to be big like Mom & Dad.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Chance's 1-Year Birthday Bash

Happy Birthday Chance.

Let's Party!

"Grandma, does Chance get ALL the presents?"

"Aarrghhmmmm,...yummrrrghhhhmmmm,..(Homer eating sounds)."

Shelly's TOU Marathon

Shelly completed the TOU Marathon in a respectable time 04:23:50.20. Along with the kids, I am are very proud of her training and hard working all summer. Shelly is in the white shirt and black shorts bellow the Pepsi sign at the finish.

New Camera for Bob

The Sony Cybershot was not getting it done. Too many out of focus or shaky pictures - especially the last week Elder Mikey was home. Tom and Shelly's idea to get the Canon for dad exposed me to a bit of new camera fever. Last week a customer from the UK (who is expecting his first child in four weeks) was in town and asked me to take him camera shopping on the way to the airport in Wichita. Three days later, I purchased a Nikon D80, not quite as tricked out as dad's Canon, but I did get the very cool 18-200 VR (vibration reduction) lens which will allow me to shoot soccer, surfing and skiing like the old days with my Konica. I may also take a photo or two of young Jack! This is the first shot taken from my office chair in the bat cave. Maybe Annie's right - I should clean my desk......

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Birthday shout out to Uncle Chad!!

Happy Birthday Chad! We all love you because no one is better at getting the grandkids going on a fun project, game or Christmas pageant. This series of photos from Christmas 95 show you getting Brian, Michael and Ashley going with the dominoes on the pool table. Their smiles are typical of many similar experiences over the years. Hope you have a great day!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Brian's 23rd!

  • Top 10 of Brians 23rd Birthday!

10. Getting to drive the Durango to Provo makes for a more comfortable trip than the car.

9. Finallly purchased "Twilight" from a BYU student who advertised on craigslist.

8. Polly spilling milk all over herself.
8a. Lorin washing her PJ's in the bathroom sink & using the dryer for a half hour.
8b. Naked baby at college party is a total hit.

7. "Debating" with Lorin on directions...neither of us were right but we got there!

6. Great birthday picture for the blog

5. Hanging out in one of the best bachelor pads in all of Provo

4. All the otter pops you could eat

3. Chatting with Jackie about Lotoja & being an english major

2. Seeing John, Emily & Amanda

1. Two hugs from the birthday boy. Happy Birthday!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Great Son
Great Brother
Great Friend

Happy 23rd!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

LoToJa 2007

Here are few photos of this years LoToJa 206 mile road race. It was my first maybe my last. John, Brian, Bob and Tom at the finish.

The Logan boys at the start with total times; Dean Bloxham 11:59:08.048 (45-60 minutes with Jeff), me 10:47:53.520 , Jeff Shepherd DNF (dropped out in Afton), Kurt Anderson 10:47:53.427 and Kent Millicam 10:02:50.750

Last minutes rules for the Cali riders.
John and Brian riding up Snake River canyon

The best support team ever, my ladies....

Emily's mission call!!!'s guessing time again

So I thought I would post my first blog...hope this is exciting enough news to be here. And I want everyone to guess where you think I'll be going. words of wisdom/advice/comments/questions/concerns are also more than welcome. Oh and my papers were officially in yesterday so two and a half weeks I, along with all of you, will know where I'm off to the first of 2008. Thanks for your love and support. Hope to hear from you all very soon. Loves!