Friday, May 28, 2010

Eaten the Plums

With a huge amount of help from Adam in getting things set up, I'm now up and running at my new blog, Eaten the Plums (  My plan is post on a fairly regular basis.  Topics, as you can tell from my two existing posts, are wide-ranging.  Any suggestions are welcome. 

Monday, May 24, 2010

Results of CT scan of my chest done today.

I couldn't get a copy of the chest CT to post on Emmettville so will just have to go with a written report of the findings as Norda and I can remember them. I went in to the Radiology department at 11 am today and had the CT with IV contrast done and then had Dr. Richard Hopkins review the images with us plus compare today's findings with the previous two exams. On the first CT which was done after the jejunal polyp was found and before it was removed last November I had a nodule about 2 cm. in diameter in the outer aspect of the right lung. On the exam done after the first 12 chemotherapy treatments the nodule had gone down in size considerably but they also found a lot of blood clots throughout the lung (which were not producing any symptoms.) I started on a 6 month course of Coumadin blood thinners then and continued another 12 more infusions of chemotherapy. The exam today showed all of the blood clots to have disappeared. The tumor nodule is now just a small scar and the pneumonia in the left lung base with productive cough and fever that I have had recently is clearing. Dr. Ben-Jacob started me on 10 days of antibiotics a week ago yesterday but I may have to stay on something for a little longer depending on what he or Dr. Mike Stones recommends. I am feeling much better that I did last week and hope, now that the chemotherapy has been discontinued, that I will be able to regain some general strength and particularly build up some strength in my legs again. I will find out more as time goes on and will try to keep you updated.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Jerusalem Reunion

The Jerusalem Emmetts pulled into town late last night after getting up at 2:00 AM that morning to climb Mt. Sinai (we all made it!). This morning the kids slept in while I rendezvoused with Bob and Annie for breakfast at their hotel and a morning of touring with their tour group. Later that afternoon we all met up with them (minus Sarah who contracted pharoah's revenge on our last day in Egypt and thus stayed at home) at Pater Noster Church for an all too short visit before they had to leave for the airport. It was great to have them in town. Too bad we only over lapped for one day. Bob has great notes from his travels. His Sunday School Old Testament lessons should be all the better now.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday to a wonderful girl, Norda.

And an added note, happy Mother's Day. You've done grand.

Thanks for being a great example in the gospel. You never stop working and you are always thinking of others. I (we) love you.