Friday, August 24, 2007

Take your kid to the pool!

Polly loves to go to the pool. I love it, too & we should be taking better of advantage of it these last couple weeks before it closes. No, today Polly is playing with this particular floatie when I tell her it's time to get in the tub. She proceeds to put the toy in the bathtub while I am out of the room. So whatever, she can play with it in the tub & of course she kisses it just like anything else. She likes it more as a house toy than a pool toy so I guess we are getting out money's worth out of it. I will not be doing this with any other children, she gets away with too much.


  1. She's very cute. Jack would do the same thing. Until we left his floatie at a friends pool he would climb on and wrestle with it on the floor.

  2. Cute photos. Good thing Polly isn't swimming at the pool. Joel picked up some nasty intestinal paraste in a Provo pool (along with many other kids in the area) and has had three weeks of on and off again very loose diarreha. Medication is finally helping.