Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kitzbühel, Austria

Kitzbühel, Austria (I might have photo bombed my German colleague's panorama)

Octal, Yup, count 'em. 8 bodies unloading
Volcano Pants first visit to Austria

Kitzbuhel is a big ski area

the legendary Hahnenkamm downhill, view of final section from below

 Hahnenkamm final section. Can't imagine hitting this at 80 mph on solid ice with rubber legs

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Max!

Max at his game on Saturday.  His team won by TWO points, they are still undefeated.  They played an all girls team who really gave them a run for their money.  Notice in one of the pictures that Max (the shortest on the team) is paired up with an opposing player (one of the tallest on her team) but that doesn't stop him from breaking away!
(side note: some of the pictures are from last week's game where he is in white)

Elle has her sucker for most of the game and then decides she might like the already been chewed gum under the bleachers. 

Jack watching Max and counting down the years until he gets to play. 

Savannah watching intently...

....and then being entertained by cousin Merrick's cheeks!

After the game it was dinner at Olive Garden and then back home for presents, cake, and ice cream!  Max was very generous with his presents, letting his younger brother and cousin help him open them...and then play with them.  

Elle must have not gotten her way. 

Savannah really wants to join in on all the fun!

And the birthday night would not be complete without a cake to the face.  A new Falslev birthday tradition! 

Happy 7th Birthday Max!