Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rhymes with 'Nifty'

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNIE!!!! On this day in 1957, Andrea Jean Smith was born to John 'Jack' William and Evelyn Leatham Smith. To celebrate the occasion, yesterday Annie and I took a short trip to Carlsbad, just north of San Diego for a day at the beach with our long time friends, Clark and Kathleen Wardle. That night, The Wardle's treated us to a great dinner at the Fish House in downtown Carlsbad. We stayed at a Hilton just across Pacific Coast Highway from the beach. Access to the beach was a scary hike down the cliffs, but the reward was a pretty empty beach on what was one of the busiest and hottest days of the year. The water was the warmest Annie and I could remember. It felt just like Hawaii. Annie enjoyed her new boogie board that some guy she's been hanging out with for the past 31+ years bought her for her birthday. Brian and Kristin have plans for a small celebration later tonight and even baked a cake for the occasion.


  1. Annie,

    It's amazing how you can have birthdays each year but not look any older! Congratulations. Bob may not know how to pick the right color for chairs but he does know how to pick a wife.

    Jake and Lesa

  2. I was going to say "It's about time you did something nice for your beautiful wife" but then I thought better of it because I am sure you have been doing that ever since you started dating Miss Logan. Congratulations, Annie, and keep up the good work, Bob!

  3. Jake - Annie picked the color for the chair. In reality it show a little more pinkish/salmonish than it really is. We're pretty happy with the color. If you want to stay awake till the end of a 10 inning Yankees-Angels game, find another chair to sit in.