Friday, December 23, 2011

Logan Emmett's wishing you a Merry Christmas

One fine Sunday afternoon we enjoyed, maybe a little too much, taking pictures for our Christmas card. Unfortunately when they were printed they looked horrible so we found uploading a picture would be appropriate!
Our not so serious and joking around photo.
Or, our serious and not joking around photo, you choose.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lily's First Day on Skis at Beaver Mountain

Opening day was a bluebird day at Beaver Mountain.  John, Jack, Lily and I enjoyed 3 runs on the new Little Beaver Triple and a couple Magic Carpet runs.  Fun day!

Lily and John at the top of the new Little Beaver Triple

Jack was always nearby to show Lily how it's done.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Tom Opens Beaver Mountain

Well, he didn't really open Beaver Mountain but their website announced its 2011 opening day with this picture of Tom

He's floating and flowing, no time to pose. 
With a permanent grin and a frozen nose.
Pow flyin'
Laid way back in the light white, having fun 
He's Papa John's son showing all how its done.
 Smooth ridin'
Here's the original version of the poem I stole a few lines from. It was published in the first issue of Power magazine in 1972 but I think it was written with Tom in mind. 
i'm Loose le Goose
in the moose ballet,
the Rubberband Man
drivin' ten-ton van

i'm floatin', i''m flowin',
no time to pose,
got a frozen forehead
and a wind-runnin' nose,
bird flyin'

laid way back
an' takin' a bath
in the light white
whippin' by,
am i drownin'?

hear the soundless scream
in a childhood dream,
silent-screen Star
wide-awake sleepin',

i'm loose le Goose
in the moose ballet,
the Rubberband Man
drivin' ten-ton van

tuckin' down home.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Around the World 2011

Polly & I headed to Provo tonight to see Erin in Christmas Around the World at BYU. Lorin stayed in town with Bruce & went to watch our nieces in a children's orchestra concert. Erin did a great job & there were lots of amazing dancers! Polly only made it about 20 minutes into the show before falling asleep, but she did see one of Erin's dances. We saw Chad, Marie & family on the way out & took a quick picture. It was fun to see them & we all enjoyed the dances & watching Erin.

Opening Stage

I had to give her a quarter to give me a real smile :) Worth it! Plus she dropped it once she fell asleep.

Finale Shot

Family Photo - minus Polly's face :) Austin held her for about 20 minutes while we chatted with Erin. That's a lot of dead weight!

Erin's dance partner, Dave

Springville Emmett's

Erin & her #1 sleepy fan :)