Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Celebrating with 'old' friends

Last Saturday we celebrated my birthday with some very dear, and yes, somewhat 'old' friends. Kristi Larsen Paulsen and I have the same birthday and in our early years we celebrated together on the slopes at the 'beav, at the Central Park ice rink, Fredrico's or maybe the movies. It's been a long, long, long time since we celebrated our birthday's together. Jean White Stone suggested it a couple of months ago when Annie and I joined Jean and Walt for dinner. Jean and Walt live just down the road in American Fork and Kristi and Russ live just over the hill in Draper. Our home in Highland is right in the middle. Even though I was under the weather, I had a great time and I believe everyone else did also.

Because I was not feeling well, I missed out on a lot of hugs and kisses. Brad Andrews took over for me and grilled the flank steak, chicken and kielbasa. At least they let me light the candles on the cake......

Kristi was able to blow out the candles on her own. I don't think my sucking contributed much. But my standing next to her did get a few warnings of not to blow - "hey, the flu isn't contagious is it?"

My observation is that the girls all looked fabulous!

'Fabulous' is not a word that comes to mind in describing the boys. Not sure why we don't seem to be aging as well as the girls. While the girls chatted upstairs the boys watched a little NFL, USU-Boise State basketball and Jazz basketball in the downstairs family room.

John Bateson and Brian Burnett

Two of my 'solitary men's club' and 'burrito brothers' compatriots. Brian has been my best friend since we first met in Providence back when we were toddlers. No other friend has a 50+ year history with me. Some of the family may recall that he lost his big toe in our driveway while riding on the back of his mom's bike. We've shed tears together over the years. I think the last time might have been when our eyes locked at his daughter Kirsten's wedding reception. I'm pretty sure we also shed some tears right after her birth when Brian and Leeanie weren't sure their little 'preemie' was going to make it through the night. I have no doubt that even now we'd do anything for each other. I spent a lot of time with John in Jr. High, High School and college. World Class drummer. We served in the same mission. Love him like a brother also.

Brian cutting the cake while the girls and Mike Taylor watch. Mike has a long history with the Emmetts. He is one of the best skiers on the planet. btw, if you travel back in time, I recommend you don't sit next to him in the back seat of a car riding up Logan Canyon.

It was fun to get re-acquainted with so many friends and we're looking forward to seeing a lot more of them now that we're nearby.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hapy Birthday 55th, Bob!

Bob in crib in apartment in Harvard, MA, 1955.

Bob in stroller at home in Salt Lake City, 1956.

Bob and Annie on wedding day 6/28/1977 - the best move he ever made.

Bob skiing at Sun Valley 1977.

Bob's family at Nauvoo 1982.

Bob water skiing at Lake Powell during the 1980's.

Bob holding Lily's hand 2008.

Bob racing on bike during the off ski season.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy 50-something Birthday

Happy Birthday Dadio! Thanks for being a wonderful Dad, Husband, and Grandpa. You are the most patient and caring person I know. Thank you for all that you do for your family, we love and appreciate you! Also thanks for proof-reading many many papers for me and Clark (you may need to proof read this blog post) anyway, we owe our A grades to you!

Grandpa and Max

Blast from the past
Here is a mustache picture for Lorie... Apparently Katie wants the mustache to return, Lorie isn't too sure. The first two pictures look oddly similar.

Skiing The Beav last year on his Birthday

Keepin' it real at The Fray concert this summer

Pumpkin Carving 2008

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Belated (again) Birthday wishes.

Early January included a couple of birthday's that deserve mentioning. Marie was born on January 5th and is shown here at the airport as she and Chad were waitiing to leave for Jerualem last August.

Nashtyn made here first appearance on January 3rd and hasn't stopped brighening up our lives ever since. Here she is practicing standing in anticipation of taking off on her own. What a cutie!

Many Happy Birthday's for the two of them.