Sunday, August 18, 2013

"You Really Should Be More Careful" 2.5 Fun Run

Our family may just be the Kookiest Kool Family out there...  How great it is that so many could join together for another Emmett Family Fun Run.  Each one just gets better.  We had at least 24 running/jogging/walking/biking enjoying each other on a record hot August afternoon and over 40 family members enjoying the post race festivities.  As Bob (and his 3rd cracked/broken clavicle) reminded us this week and many of this wonderful family who have dealt with health issues over the last year, we really ALL should be more careful.  I want to thank everyone from Grandma Norda, and hosting the post race dinner, down to the 2 month old Maggie (not to exclude Doug) for joining in and wishing me well. It worked!

The Starting Expo. Jim and Camilla. The Start 

Start line Expo. Custom Race Tattoos. Hydration was Key!

 Uncle Jake and Sam. The Illinois Emmett's. A "fast" start 

The Cripple's Kids. Start line, Race Pace signs. Carly. Buddy Hackett

The Finish.  Traffic Control.  Island Market Aid Station.

thank you everyone.... for your happiness, prayers and love. tomE