Saturday, September 1, 2007

From start . . . to finish.

This is why long, hot summers were created.

(Alas, I didn't have my glasses on when I snapped the photo, so the focus is off. . . and yes, those are purple peppers).


  1. Has anybody ever accused you of being a show off? If they do, just say you really enjoy the fruits of your summer labors like we do. I bought the wrong hot peppers this year but they still were pretty and Bob's extra fertilizer didn't hurt some of the peppers either.

  2. Do you take orders? We'd love a few bottles.

  3. Very nice work Bill and Lorie. That hardly looks like enough to get Bill into the winter months let alone share with his no good brothers. I hope the "heat" is just right for you....

  4. There's always a bottle opened for anyone who wants to chill on the deck with some chips and a cool beverage.

    You'll all want in on the next batch. This was the mild one.