Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Boys of Smithfield

With apologies to Nash and Merrick, the boys of Smithfield are featured, with special Happy Birthday shout-outs to Jaxson and Koebe

The rotary swim had Jack a bit nervous.

"I'm not getting these surf jams wet!"
Max has no such worries.
"Okay, I'll go with an inflatable blue rhinoceros."
"Where's Clark?  I need to shoot him."
I couldn't get one shot with everyone looking at the camera. 
Jaxson looking for that perfect pitch.
Jaxson making a perfect cut . . . without contact.
Koebe connects, watches his popup. . .
. . . and makes it on base.
Koebe throwing some heat.
Jaxson catching some heat.
Chance celebrates the win with a birthday cupcake.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jerusalem Artists

This is the last week of school for Joel and Sarah at the Anglican International School of Jerusalem. Joel has become quite the artist.
The pyramid is woven strips of paper.
Friday we all went to Joel's third grade exit point in which they demonstrated what they have been learning in their volcano unit. Joel and his good friend Daniel did a report on the Yellowstone super volcano. What they learned freaked both of them out. His teacher even e-mailed us to make sure that we could help Joel not worry. I don't know if Joel will ever dare to visit Yellowstone again for fear that it will all erupt.

All of the students got awards at the exit point. Joel got an award for "Prodigious Poetry".
The secondary (6-12) art students all joined efforts to create this ceramic mural that now hangs in the office of the school administrative secretary. Many of the halls and offices of AISJ are decorated with ceramic murals from past years. It is a nice touch. The mural is about the creation and the tree of knowledge.
The thirteen sixth graders helped primarily with the waters of the sea portion. Sarah's contribution was the squid, the word "wonder" with its nice yellow curvy script and several of the small fish near the white fish.
This photo of Will outside an ice cream store in Tiberias last March was posted on Facebook by one of the students. It is a great photo. I'm not sure if chocolate ice cream face painting counts as artistic talent.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day - Brigham City

Here are some pictures from the Brigham City cemetary on Sunday: