Friday, August 10, 2007

5th try - Rip Van Lee chairs

Bob really opened a can of worms or Pandora's box with his posting of pictures of family members in the Rip Van Lee chairs. Norda found these pictures that had not previously been copied to the hard disc in the photo albums. They really bring back a lot of memories. I still have three pictures to post but can't get the browser to respond so I will try them on another posting. these pictures, from top to bottom, are: Amanda in '93; JWE and McKinley in '96;Paige and her broken clavicle 1-1-99; Ailing Emily with Jamie, Laura and Allison '94; JWE holding Alex 12-23-00; JWE holding McKinley, Camilla, and Katie 11-23-01; Alex asleep 8-17-02; JWE and Aunt Jo Ann asleep 5-26-03; and JWE holding Will on 4-15-05.

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