Tuesday, February 22, 2011

President's Day Fun

Nothing like skiing deep powder on the back side of the Beav, but tagging along with the girls on a pheasant hunt is not nearly as dangerous or painful on the torn rotator cuff.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Presidents Day at the Beav

 Father and Son Face Shots on the Backside with Tom and Alex

 Alex showing Pops how it is done

Tom getting Air on the backside.  We've seen this before.  Many times.
 Roh Oh. I don't remember seeing this before.

  Hmmm, moments ago I had two skis.  Now I only see one.
Notice his ski tip is clearly visible above on the far right, but it is still moving and eventually slides underneath the snow and out of sight.

Fortunately for Tom, his spotter, some kid named Alex, points out the missing ski (it's that dark speck 5 feet below Alex).   

 Clark showing Sam the way.

Yup, Sam can do anything


Shelly is in deep and looking great!
 "Clark, this is how it's done"
Some of the Crew.  Mike Nyman, Bill, Tom, Clark, Sam and Alex (L-R)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Morning Session at the 'bird

A quick solo trip to Snowbird on Saturday. When I dropped into Mineral Basin on Lone Star the Powder Shots guy was camped out and snapped a dozen photos of me.  It was about 9:30 so there were not many takers because it is pretty steep and the snow was still pretty hard.  I found my legs are only good for 3 hours when there is a high speed quad providing the transportation.  I skied close to 15 runs in 3 hours and went home to recover on a 3 hour bike ride.  Not a bad way to spend a Saturday.

Skinny Skiing

Kristin and Beth smile while John has his bindings set up.

A few weeks ago, John, Beth, Kristin and I took advantage of a free cross country ski day at Mountain Dell Golf Course mid-way between SLC and Park City in Parley's canyon.  Several local retailer provided free rental gear and local instructors provided a free 45 minute lesson.  We had a great time and are ready to place our order at Norda's for Christmas 2011.

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Grand Targhee Time

We had a Grand time at Grand Targhee, Wy. Everything from sun, clouds, new snow, and of course socked in with little or no visibility.


the three little skiers

The primary colors are one two three...

Slip - Slidding

Mac - A -Tube

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Birthday, Polly!

Here is a recap of our crazy fun birthday weekend with Polly!

Happy Birthday Polly! When she woke up on her birthday we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast & opened presents.

Probably her favorite present this year! We got her a used camera off of KSL & she has been a picture taking machine ever since!

After breakfast & presents we got ready for some pictures with the Fotheringham cousins. Bruce was not having it (as usual) but the photographer was really good & got him to at least sit by Polly.

Here is the group shot with everyone. This was the first picture so Bruce wasn't too upset yet. I think Polly looks absolutely crazy, the photographer had her laughing so hard!

After pictures we met up with one of Polly's friends to go see Tangled (I guess I didn't take any pictures :( We didn't do a party with friends this year, she just chose to take one friend to the movies. We loved it (again!) & went to Chick-fil-a for dinner after.

Polly wanted to go skating for her birthday!! So Saturday afternoon we headed over to the Olympic Oval.

Lorin & Bruce - Lorin's back was about to give out by the end of the day!

Bruce ready to skate!! His little skates were so cute :)

Polly doing awesome with the walker!

Proof that I was there and got on the ice at least once :)

On Sunday We had a Superbowl party/Polly's birthday party with the Fotheringham's & Polly really wanted to do a pinata with her cousins. Everyone say, "PINATA!" (did I even spell that right?)

Polly takes a whack at the pinata - the kids weren't doing too Hot!

Lorin's sister, Cassidy, finally came & broke it open! :)

Blowing out candles & making a wish (she told me she would tell me her wish tomorrow & now she doesn't remember)

Happy Birthday, Polly!