Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Brown and Blue Rip Van Lee chairs

After these two pictures were downloaded I tried 4 more times but couldn't get the pictures loaded. I will try and see if I can put them on a new posting. These pictures are of Bob, Max, and Polly in 2006 and Bob with work boots in the original brown chair in Providence in 1962.


  1. I was going to put up that picture with Bob & the babies. :) I can't find any of my own, hopefully my parents have some. What a fun tradition of always sitting on Grandpa's lap in his special chair. :) In blog post #16, titled, "Happy Birthday!" you will see Polly sitting with Grandpa, but I didn't want to put that one up again unless I had others to go with it.

  2. Paige, Have no fear, it looks like Grandpa added the photo with Polly.