Friday, August 17, 2007

Almost worth the wait - Rip Van Lee comes to Irvine

I know you've all been waiting for these photos. Yesterday the delivery truck arrived with the new chair. It's a pretty close match to dad's chair, but Annie, Kristin, Brian and I, all agree that the feel is a little different. I think the difference is that I don't think the chair is as deep as dad's so I feel like I'm sitting a little higher. The workmanship appears to be first rate. Annie has been second guessing the brick color and wonders if full on red would have been better. Brick is just red with a little pink added so I'm alright with the color and I think Annie is also. Stop by and take a nap some Sunday afternoon. Now..... when do we get our first Indonesia post?


  1. The chair and ottoman look slightly famliar. From a distance it is hard to tell you have an epicondylitis in your elbow. Maybe if you napped more often and rested it...

  2. We may be in your neck of the woods around Labor Day, do I need a reservation for a nap in the red, with a little pink, chair?

  3. We'll be hanging out all weekend waiting for your arrival. Let us know if you'll have time to stop by long enough for us to fire up the grill. Now back to High School Musical II....

  4. Brick red? Looks like "salmon" to me. Does it come in "tangerine"?

    Looks very comfy. Who's going to be the first to poke holes through a Kerr jar lid on the ottoman?

  5. Hi, I googled looking for a Carl Forslund Rip Van Lee chair and came across your 8/17/07 pictures on the blog. Is the chair a reproduction and if so, from where? Do you think it compares to the original? Still kicking myself for not buying a new original when I could have in the mid 1980s.
    John Diebel

  6. Here's where to find 'the Rip'
    Custer Funiture
    217 Grandville Avenue SW Suite 100
    Grand Rapids, MI 49503
    Vicki Wiggers

  7. Let me add that the chair made by Custer does compare well with the original in all aspects. I'm very happy with it. My dad has an original brown chair purchased in the 60's and also one of the first made by Custer purchased in the early 90's. Both are excellent