Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Allison!

Happy 30th Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Love Adrienne, Melissa, Laura, and Katie

Sunday, September 18, 2011

TOU 2011

Bill takes a moment to chat with Drew and sip on a DP
Back to the race
T & S  Killing it for the second Saturday in a row.  Impressive

Too much rain and hail for Kristin
Bill joins the TOU 10Year Club
If you just ran 26.2 you can eat peach cobbler w/ whipped cream AND peach ice cream
Jack and Lily enjoyed their sleep over at Great-Grandma Emmetts
Jack wasn't too sure about whipped cream.  He's now a convert
Lily was also a little reluctant to try the whipped cream, but she polished off her beater

John on the Podium at LOTOJA 2011

John was back on the Podium this year with a 3rd place finish!!
Pre-race breakfast with the boys
Emmetts, the boys from the OC and a few locals gathered for the traditional peach ice cream
Kim Badger helps Paul with his final pre-race preparations
More detail on the race can be found at my blog:  http://cycleski.blogspot.com/2011/09/lotoja-2011.html

Speeding into Fall 2011 - LoToJa to TOU

With an early registration for LoToJa in April the endless winter seemed to hang on like a bad cramp. Shelly and I were not able to train on our bikes with wet weather but started running a bit more. It is far easier to run in the rain then to cycling but I’ll cover that in more depth later. That said, trail running seemed to occupy much of our late spring in preparation for the Logan Peak ultra trail run that was cut short because of the endless winter and too much snow blanketing the local peaks in late June.

As summer rolled on, our cycling increased in preparation for September 10th but our miles were not as many as last year due to the wet spring. Still, our climbing was in good form and things were shaping up for a good 206 mile ride while the cross training of running a few miles seemed to help. Coming into the last weeks of training Shelly signed us up for the Top of Utah marathon the week following LoToJa with the discloser of pulling out if a long run or the 206 miles a week before proved to be too much. We set a semi-schedule of long runs Tuesday morning and longer bike rides on Saturday mornings.

A few days prior to the “race” (I use that term loosely) Shelly must have been asked several dozen times if she was riding the “whole” thing. I don’t know why I find that so humorous.

Early Saturday the 10th rolled around we headed out in the before the sun in the 3rd group leaving at 5:51. Our lights were bright and the temperature seemed a bit warmer but not too bad. The first leg to Preston was faster than last year and without any issues. Near the false summit of the first climb I pulled a head a bit of Shelly leaving her to allow John to come up behind her with a push or two. (This extra effort by John may have cost him a 1st or 2nd place in his Cat 5 group so he had to settle for 3rd place but Shelly was very appreciative of the boost.) Shelly and her friend Brandi climbed Strawberry canyon well and we rolled into Montpelier at mile 80 in good time. Sam and McKinley were supporting their parents this year and were in good form with all the required supplies. The wind was a bit of an issues heading into the first climb and was also blowing against us as we rolled toward Geneva summit.The wind continued to be a pest as we stared up Salt River canyon looking for the third and final climb.

Shelly and I stayed together on Geneva and Salt River climbs. The last climb was not a fun place for me. The wind had stopped so the heat was taxing, the support cars were backed up and moving slow, my legs were tired and after 110 miles I was not in top form. Shelly on the other hand was feeling her oats and accelerated at the top to climb faster than her ol’ man. The only good wind of the day was the ten miles into Afton but soon after, the wind kicked up from the NE and we battled until Alpine.

After our final stop in Alpine and a few more drugs we were back on the bikes for the final 50 mile push. Snake River canyon was typical, cool and visually the best part of the ride. I’m not a fan of the last six miles but this time it seemed to roll by quicker and we finished about 30 minutes faster than last year. How cool was that… and my legs didn’t even cramp once.

In 2009 I was happy to complete both 206 cycling miles and 26.2 running miles a week apart. Shelly for some reason thought that sounded fun so we were half way to our goal. Trying to keep it under wraps we didn’t talk about running the Top of Utah, primarily in case we decided to not run because of fatigue or lack of motivation. This way we wouldn’t have to explain why we DNS (did not start). On Monday Shelly came down with a cold (illness is the other reason we would choose not to run) and so began a week of intense vitamin C, Dr Pepper and Motrin doping. Soon Shelly had a sore a throat, stomach pains and fatigue from the previous weeks effort.

After reading an article in the SLC Tribune about “DNF” (did not finish) Shelly bucked up and set the alarm for 4:20 for the second week in a row. Saturday morning brought temps in the mid 40’s and a light drizzle of fall rain. We boarded the school bus about 5:20 and watch the rain fall until we got to Hardware Ranch. We had a jovial chat with Bill and other educators including that Isom Boy. Then five minutes before start, rain! This was a cloud burst that lasted about 4 minutes and ended just in time to line up for the mass start.

A few miles into the run another cloud burst came drenching all the runners. Unlike the snow during 2000 the rain kept us cool but not freezing. The sun popped out again and so did the humidity (not as humid as Illinois I sure) but a bit uncomfortable none the less. Thinking the storms were clearing we settled into the scenic run down the canyon.

Pace-Runners; please make sure your group is spread across the entire road so faster runners cannot pass. Check!

Mr. Duffus in the old dodge truck with a Beaver and Alta sticker: please don’t weave in and out of the runners, just pick a lane and go slow (or take a nap for an hour till all the runners our out the canyon).

Muscle Man in the way-too-short shorts telling everyone good job, running at different speeds, splashing in the puddles, and reading motivational signs; we get it, you need attention.

Flashes of lightning and the thunder started to roar again. We were still in the canyon at about mile 11 and here came the rain. After a few minutes the Gatorade a runner spilled on my leg was washed off and my feet were wet and fingers were pruney. Almost out of the canyon and the hail started to pelt us. “Ouch!” I said out loud as one pea sized frozen morsel hit my ear. Another few minutes and the rain slowed as Shelly and I ran out of the canyon.

Five ladies in skimpy black and pink tank-tops all dressed alike: how was the hail storm? BTW get with Muscle Man because you all require the same attention.

Aid Station Volunteers; Thanks for standing in the middle of the road handing out drinks. I would never think to go to the side of the road for a cup of water.

I spotted Bob talking on the phone about mile 14 and he rolled along side of us. Shelly’s stomach was acting up and she was not a happy camper at this time. We took it slow down Hollow Road in Nibley. We left Bob as he turned around in search of his favorite daughter.

McKinley, Alex and Sam were at mile 18 with fresh treats and drinks. We stopped for a few minutes and dropped off our layering clothes heavy with rain. Now lighter, fed and revived Shelly decided to take it up a notch. We cruised into Millville running the road we so often train on. During the slight downhill into Providence once again, “Bamb” Shelly took it up another notch.

A quick stop with the kids in Providence at mile 21 and we were off. Shelly didn’t even stop to say high to her mother as we ran by her home but we did exchange greetings. Normally I start to dive into a funk during these miles but I was too focused on trying to hang with Shelly. No one really knew she had biked 206 miles the week before but I started to let some spectators know. Maybe they cared or not but it gave me more motivation and a bit of satisfaction at the same time to say “She road 206 miles last week in LoToJa!!”

The last 3 miles we clocked in faster each mile not even stopping at the traditional Tabernacle spectator zone. 11:03, 10:18 and 9:45 pace respectively (average pace for the day 9:31). Speeding up during the final miles, that’s a first…. Officially finishing in 4:24:26, Shelly’s second fastest marathon, and I didn’t even cramp once. Summer is complete; my pre ski conditioning will start soon and here’s not hoping for an endless summer.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mac vs. Mud

Mac and friends joined together for the Man vs. Mud 5k run. Team Gappy Jane

The opening opsticle was a 75 foot slip and slide. Weeeee.....

One part spectators could spray the runners. Alex and his friend soaked a lot of the runners.

Mac is in the lead...

The weight of the mud started to slow the gals down

Mac is still in the lead.

They were in no hurry to get out of the mud

Mac jumping in the water. I didn't see any crocks or snakes

Why walk when to can crawl???

Mac and Mellanie at the finish.

Next year.... Team Emmett?