Monday, December 18, 2017

Christmas 2017

After a delicious dinner, Amanda started out the evening with a delightful and touching walk down memory lane with photos of Christmases past.

We were sad to miss Bill (down with the flu) Lorie and boys and Katie, Allison (stayed at home with four day old William) and family, Ben and family, Melissa and family, Hawaii Michael and Sister Sarah.

 Comforting traumatized Lesa Belle and Peter.

The Fotheringhams came a little late. They were attending the missionary farewell of Lorin's parents who will be humanitarian missionaries in Albania.

Seeing that empty chair so often occupied by Norda made me very nostalgic. It is so fun to see items from the twin pine ranch show up in the homes and photos of the whole family.

 Scrap booking room turned costume room. (Thanks to Joel for the Nativity photos)

 Samuel the Lamanite is ready to go.

 The donkey has his costume.

 The four wiseman

 Samuel getting stoned.

 Marie made several new angel robes this year!

 Elli was a beautiful and calm baby Jesus.

 The talent show got off to a great start with "Rudolph"

 Not even the Lundberg's knew that new son-in-law Ben played the bagpipes. Amazing Grace.

 It was loud. Ben wore ear plugs.

Will dedicated his song "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" to grandma and grandpa because they loved snow so much.

Amazing hostess Mary dishing our delicious Key Lime Pie in honor of Tom's birthday.

It was a delightful evening. Thanks to all who helped in any way. John and Norda would be proud and happy.