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Reasons why the Family Letter is Awesome

I started reading old family letters from October '91-January '93 and it was very entertaining.  I thought I would share some fun things I found while reading!  The family letters I read were from 19 years ago, so it will be fun to go back and read our family letters in 19 more years. 

October '91 Letters  

"One sad thing that occurred was that we had to put Kastle to sleep for good.  He started biting the neighbors.  So we didn't think that would be to good to have all our neighbors hate us even though we don't even know them very well and they come over once a month to ask for $20.00.  -- Shelly (sounds like Tom & Shelly had top notch neighbors)

"The stairwell is decorated with red wall paper adorned with bubbly champagne glasses and pink dancing elephants"
--Chad talking about his apartment in Chicago

"I'm heading to the mountains and snow of Utah"

"The rest of September was spent in anticipation for Moab, made especially enticing by the prospect of many falls from Tom and Bob "clipless pedals" Emmett.  

"The hit of the ride was trying to guess the precise moment when Bob would tip over, fall down, crash and complain about his new peddle system.  I think while Bob was fighting tears of pain we were all laughing with tears of amazement.  That Bob, what a guy, he tried to blame it on the "fat guy" in front of him, Jeff Shepard or anyone else within fifty feet".  
--Tom (talking about trip to Moab)

"Eight of us piled in the Irvine Van.  Bill sitting in the very back began yelling Bob! Bob! But the name Bob just didn't get his attention before Bob drove over a 12 inch high curb in the parking lot.  We drove back to camp singing and yelling Bob! Bob!
-- Tom (still talking about Moab trip)

"It is fun to watch Grandma Fife teach Laura how to tell time, how to count, the primary colors, the different shades of pink and red, different shapes, how to use the brushe when you water color etc."

"I didn't go to the BYU game, I went to Orem.  Mary, Amanda, Emily and I went to Pleasant Grove to the tree planting program for the families of the eighty infants who died of SIDS in 1990.  The Primary Song "Families Can Be Together Forever" keeps going through my mind. We are so blessed to have the gospel in our lives.  I pray every day that we can always be a family forever."

"Rather than cheat and pre-date this I'll just have to face up to the fact that it's a week late OR I have a bad calendar that is a week off.  Either way here goes....
--Grandpa (I guess even Grandpa was late on his family letter sometimes)

"As I told you last time my dad finally let me get a pet, some fish.  And four of those first five fish I got right after we got home from Lake Powell are still alive that is pretty good for my first pet.  I'm not counting the turtle (Michaelangelo) we have roaming the back yard, that we see about five times a year because it just eats our strawberries and boysenberries and if he can reach the raspberries"
--(little) John  (that is really how he signed his letter.  Also I'm interested in this turtle that roams around and shows it's face 5 times a year to eat berries)

"Of all the kids Michael is the quickest to offer his opinion of what he liked best about the trip-- 'the squirrels!'  When pressed for his second favorite part of the trip his reply is 'the escalators'.
--Bob (talking about trip back East)

"Kristin's favorite memento is a collectable spoon.  She did secure enough to feed an army of infants."

"Grandma Emmett made it clear that she did not like the neighborhoods Dad and I were leading us through on the way back to the hotel after dinner at Union Square in D.C.  Grandpa was his usual easy going self."

"I have 13 students now including Emily and Amanda.  Yes, the class clown is definitely Amanda and she loves to make the other kids laugh at her.  She calls everybody a "sillly booboo" and she wants to be a mean pumpkin for Halloween (oops, I take that back, she changed to a fish the other day)  This Thursday will be interesting to see what we come up with.  Emily will make a beautiful bride.

"One of the students is Paige's PE teacher, so Paige followed her around all night and talked her ear off!"
--Lesa (talking about hosting a party for some grad students)

"Dear Family.  I am having fun here. But I think it would Be more fun in UTAH!  There is not any body to play with Around here.  And nothing to do. And I would have more fun if I had some body to play with.  And something to do.  SO I AM VERY EXCITED TO COME TO U.T.A.H!!  Love Paige"
--Obviously from Paige.  (I included the exact way she wrote her letter punctuation and capital letters included!) 

"In order for a man to do a proper job of yard work some ground rules needed to be established and followed.  First, the proper clothing had to be worn.  L.L. Bean came to mind.  Chino pants, flannel shirt, leather gloves, and work boots seemed appropriate.  Who cares if its the hottest summer on record."

January '92 Letters

"Driving the '31 Chev in the homecoming parade with the ambient temperature at 12 degrees Fahrenheit reminded me once again that the heater doesn't work anymore.  But, I digress..."

"It was fun watching slides and laughing at some of us.  I only laughed at Jim and I dancing because I can't believe we did that so many years ago."

"Looking backwards the last significant outing I went on was the Colorado Elk Hunt"
--Take one guess

"Monday December 9th.  Left Charleston at 6:15pm.  Gassed up in St. Louis for $0.98 a gallon.  Drove through Missouri listening to Les Mis.  So far so good.  Too good?
--Jake (I wish gas was still 98 cents a gallon).

"Elaine S. said that Beaver really had 5-6 inches.  Dream on Sister Seeholzer, we skied the mountain.  There was no 5-6 inches of snow anywhere on that mountain. What a big disappointment.  However the weather was almost warm and sunny.  Ridge and Stump were rolled and fun."

"That afternoon was Paige's baptism.  Paige went under with only one try.  I sure am proud of her.  She's a really good daughter.  I need to be more patient with her.  I hope she'll be as good of an example to her siblings as Bill was to his."

"Brian was right when he said 'I bet Grandpa knows where all the good jumps are-- he's been skiing here for 50 years'.  Like his brothers, Michael has yet to see a jump  he didn't want to jump off."

"FYI I'm doing much better now! Thanks for asking.  My bout with pneumonia as no fun at all, neither is the hospital bill that we received yesterday, but in time hopefully we can forget about both.  What a Christmas Vacation!  What a bunch of sickly people we were!"
--Annie (apparently everyone was sick Christmas of '91)

"While I am not a pioneer, I was born and raised by pioneer parents.  I learned their frugality, dedication, healthy lifestyle, and strong moral standards.  I was taught the value of keeping busy and I am now learning the value of relaxing and living just one day at a time."
-Grandma Fife

April '92 Letters

"For our anniversary we went to Champaign, bought ourselves a new tape deck and had a lovely dinner at McDonalds."

"If you didn't read Lesa's letter carefully go back and check it again.  Now I need to get busy and schedule an ultrasound for Shelly next week to see if she is pulling our leg or what.  Personally, I'm not fully convinced yet but I don't think she has lied to us before." 
--Grandpa (Lesa & Shelly are pregnant with Erin & Sam)

"I was thoroughly amazed at the "NEW" Ted Seeholzer attitude at the 'Beav this year.  What with the new lift and plenty of snow grooming under extremely marginal conditions, one would think Ted has become the new Dick Bass of the ski world.  Alas, the harsh reality of "Lift Line Disorganization" hits you right in the middle of the Scott goggle lens.  "Yup", you sigh, "This must still be Beaver Mountain," as you once again explain to the neon shredder dude that it is "every other one" and it's "our turn."  
--Bill (I guess things haven't changed in 18 years)

"Spring has sprung!  I am giver of life, I am FATHERHOOD."

"Mom still worries a little too much like when they went to New York a month ago.  We would think after all these years she could learn to relax.  That must be one of the reasons Dad loves her so much, so he doesn't have to worry."

"Your Dad and I saw one of the Seymours in the raspberry patch last week.  He looks like he had a little bit of his tail taken off.  He did recognize me as a friend and didn't slither away but just looked at me and smiled. (I think it was a smile)."

"Three weeks ago I took Kristin, Brian & Michael  to Pace Warehouse and as we got out of the van and stepped into the parking lot I asked them to hold hands and to watch for cars backing up.  Dear sweet Brian looked at me and said 'you have never said that to us before, Did you read a book on how to be a good parent or something'."

"I did write on my calendar a comment that Amanda made.  She had just been talked into wearing her thermals for pajamas instead of a T shirt she prefers.  She came down from her bedroom, stood in the kitchen, and stated "Now I look like Mother Goose!"  And because of her anger, she remembered she had her bowl of ice-cream still sitting on the counter by her chair, so she climbed up to eat some (that had been sitting out for 20 minutes) and she started to sob out the words, 'Who melt my ice-cream!'"

"And now that Tom and Shelly are going to be parents soon, I wanted them to know that parenting is really easy and never frustrating."

Sorry it is a little long.  Hope you enjoyed a few little snippets from old Family Letters!  I have a few more from July & October '92.  I will post those another day.  

Norda's Jean Quilts

Grandma has had a few relatives ask about her jean quilts and if she has a pattern for them.  She doesn't have a specific pattern, but cuts the jeans into squares (4X4, 5X5,6X6 or 7X7).  After all the jeans are cut she will lay them out and decide how to arrange them and how big to make the actual quilt.  Once they are arranged to her liking she starts sewing them together row by row.  

Pictures of quilts by Norda: 

I believe these squares are about 4X4 after being sewn together

This quilt had larger squares, probably 6X6 or 7X7

Can't really tell in the picture, but this quilt is made of corduroy.  You will also notice she has tied every other square on this quilt.  

This quilt had small squares maybe 4X4, but after being sewn together closer to 3X3

Grandma gets creative and does a pattern starting with dark jeans and moving to light jeans and then repeats pattern.  This quilt was also tied every other square.    

She mentioned it is hard to do pockets on the outsides because of the binding. So if you choose to use pockets keep them in the center of the blanket.  

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Company Holiday Party

Bob and Annie Table
My date Dan
My co-worker Brad 
Friday night was the company party held at Rice Eccles Stadium at the University of Utah.  The room was set up for a sit down dinner for 316 guests.  Following dinner we had a comedian and the evening ended by 9:30. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

And a Happy Birthday to Steve

Happy Birthday Boyz

Bob didn't get on the tall side of the mountain for this birthday photo but the smile tells it all... same boots, same birthday, same not so good snow for the day. Steve shares his birthday with our other brother Bob and we all shared a run or two in celebration.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Family Letters

Elder Mark Huggins from Brigham City took this 1976 photo of me in Bogor Indonesia just as I was laughing a something written in a letter from home. Letters from family are a wonderful thing. Be sure to get your contribution to the family letter submitted to Chad by Sunday night January 23rd.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Brush and Floss Your Teeth

"Brush and Floss Your Teeth" That is the message Grandma wants to tell each one of us. Mom went in for three teeth implants but Dr Anderson could only put one post in her front top tooth and had to do two bone graphs for the others on her left side. Those implants will be done in about three months. As pictured her chin is swollen bruised but she is doing well.