Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tub Time!

I swear I am not trying to hog all of the blog space for the day, but I just wanted to post this picture of Polly. It is from Park City last night. Lorin's parents had a time share up there for UEA & we took the girls swimming - Polly along with 3 other girl cousins...plus the 3 week old that didn't participate in the pool makes 5 granddaughters...can we get some boys around here? This is of the bath afterwards & Polly was loving it. She wasn't too happy in the pool because she hates her floatie, doesn't want to be held & can't swim. She was much happier being independent in the tub. :)

Nice Chair gramps, now give me my bottle!!

John, Beth, Jack and Brian made a quick trip to Irvine late Saturday night for the Irvine Stake Presidency reorganization the following day. We are sure glad they made the trip. John and Brian were back on a plane the next evening so they could be back to work and school on Monday. Beth and Jack stayed behind for a few more days. It's been fun having them hang out. Jack was sitting in the chair when his eyes saw grandma Annie walking his way with a bottle. He was happy to take it and enjoy 84 seconds of relaxation in the Rip Van Lee.

Mt. Timpanogos Temple & China Lily

This weekend I joined Emily, Jim, Mary, Grandma, Grandpa, Chad & Marie in the Timpanogos Temple for Emily's endowment. It was a wonderful experience since I had never done a session there before there & especially fun to be there with family. It was great to go on a Saturday & have the feeling of the temple continue with me into a Sunday. I was glad I made it, I might have had to speed a little to get there, but I always like to be early & I was cutting it close. After the session, we were going to meet at The Spaghetti Factory, then a couple other restaurants but all the waits were really long. As I was driving around, completely lost (I know where The Spaghetti Factory is, but only if I am getting off of I-15, not coming from the temple apparently) Emily & Jim found that China Lily could get us all right in. Amanda & Carlie, along with Sarah, Joel & Will joined us & had dinner. I finally made it just in time for the food. :) The waitress that recognized Grandma was nice & chatty, she also brought us fortune cookes for our dessert. Here is what mine said. Wow, when I showed Lorin, he practically said that it was no fortune, he has been telling me that for years!

Thanks for the invite to the temple, Emily! I can always use a push the get me out the door, & I was happy to be there with family. And thanks to Jim for dinner! It was great to see all of you & hopefully we can make an appearance at Thanksgiving!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Southern California ( Irvine Fire update)

Sunday evening while the youth of the Irvine 3rd were on there way over for a fireside a fire just 3+ miles up from this home was burning. I was able to see the flames from the 3rd floor. Here is part of a news update article I found online to share a few details.

The fire, started in three separate places near Santiago Canyon and Silverado Canyon roads about 5:55 p.m. Sunday, has destroyed 14 homes and eight outbuildings, according the Orange County Fire Authority. Eight homes and 12 outbuildings have been damaged.

About 22,000 acres in the mostly rural horse country east of Irvine has been blackened. Virtually every canyon community, including Trabuco, Modjeska and Silverado canyons, was evacuated.

Mandatory evacuations remain in effect for the canyon areas of Santiago Canyon Road between Silverado Canyon Road and Live Oak Canyon Road, including the Santiago Estates area and Jackson Ranch Road. Areas along Live Oak Canyon Road through the Trabuco Canyon area, including O'Neill Regional Park, to Trabuco Creek Road are also included in this mandatory evacuation.

Approximately 3,000 homes have been threatened and 43,000 residents have been evacuated.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

halloween party

So I just thought this was a really creative idea of being a couple from a black and white movie...and yes our skin is supposed to be gray, but was very blue. And later brown from the pie we won for our creative costumes. I guess we had fun celebrating.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

CHS Homecoming Variety Show

I tried to add this to the last post, but it wouldn't work. Click on the title, "CHS Homecoming Variety Show" to be directed to the YouTube video of Molly & her friend Elliot performing at the Homecoming Variety Show. They were the final act & did awesome. If the play right before them hadn't been so long, I think more people would have stayed. They did great & I was so happy to be in Chrleston this week to be part of all the events. I miss out on so much that these girls do, so it was a great week to visit!

More fun in Charleston...

As I was finishing up my Family Letter, I realized i never posted these videos from the trip. We have Erin as the Freshman Attendant in the Homecoming Court Royalty, being introduced at Half Time. It goes a little bit long because I wanted to include my best friend, Lindsey's, younger brother who was on the court for the Sophomore Class.

Here is the performance by JV & Varsity Trojets (Hi-Lo's, equivilent)
Erin starts out in the second triangle, in the back right corner. When they move to the kickline, she is at the 50 yard line, one of the tallest dancers...opposite of me, prettymuch on the else everytime. She is also on the end as they move into the windmill's...which is a difficult place to be no matter how long your legs are. After that, I lose track of her. :)


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fall Fun

Last week I helped host five Indonesian delegates to BYU's law and religion symposium. One day I took them to Bridal Veil Falls, The MTC, Kennecott Copper Mine and Antelope Island. Marie and the kids met us at the mine. The wife of one of the delegates was homesick for her children so Joel and Sarah were the next best thing.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I spent the weekend in Montana doing a little hunting with some friends. 5 of us drove up on Thursday afternoon and we stayed until Sunday morning. We spent Friday doing a little fishing in his pond and learning how to shoot guns. On Saturday we walked all over his ranch looking for pheasant but we were not very successful without a dog. We found one but it quickly hid in a bush and wouldn't come out. My roommate did end up getting a couple of ducks. It was a fun weekend. The guys slept outside in the tent while the two girls, Jackie and Joanna, slept in the one room log cabin on the property. We gave each other "Montana nicknames" and mine was Buck for the weekend. Others included "Red" and "Bunyan"

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Charleston High Homecoming

Erin and her date Ryan were the Freshman attendants.
Molly and her date Lee.

The two cutest girls at the dance!
Dresses made by Mom, of course. Molly's was finished just in time for her to walk out the door.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Go Bears!

When we got home from the airport on Thursday, I saw a little present from Grandma to Polly. It was this cute Bears jersey, perfect to wear on game night! It was good luck as the Bears beat the Packers 27-20. Go Bears! Molly & Erin also sported their Bears apparel for the game.

Winter Comes to the Yellowstone Plateau

I believe it was Elder Scott who mentioned the scientific method of discovering truth vs. the spiritual method. There's no better evidence than that seen on a weekend trip to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone Park as to the absolute truth of the existence of a Divine Creator.

Lake Powell Revisited

Remember those great trips to Lake Powell? Well as you can see, Mary still has her great form (skiing and otherwise).
And Emily is always looking for more speed. Hoping to get high enough to complete a flip (or something like that).
Somehow we missed Amanda on the wake board. But we did record her domination on the . . . whatever that thing is?
Jamie following in the great form of her Mom. Did Mary ever wake board?
Camilla was the master of the KneeBoard.

Bill is thinking, "I remember the time it took us 17 tries to get Jim up on that ski for the first time."

Friday, October 5, 2007

The Lundbergs visit Pebble Beach

The Girls (w/o Jamie) at Cypress Point Beach.

Jamie and Thunder at Pebble Beach Equestrian Center come away with the Grand Champion Ribbon. Who said the small town gal could not compete against the "best of the best" and their $100,000 horses?

Mission Call and Tennis Victory

Emily opening her misssion call to the New Hampshire, Manchester mission. Congrats Sam for guessing the exact mission! (Prizes to be forthcoming). Her very proud father. Some unknown child wondering what the heck is going on?
Emily's friends look on.

Jami places third in the Region Tennis Tournament. And the team takes First.

Carly doing her newly choreographed "hip-hop" dance routine. Definitely too much watching "So You Think You Can Dance."