Sunday, June 17, 2007


What better way to celebrate Beth's birthday than to head to the Pantages theater in Hollywood and enjoy a very entertaining musical. WICKED! was a ton of fun. I bought these tickets several months ago as a means to lure John and Beth to Irvine in hopes that they would bring Jack with them. My ploy worked. I had 8 front row mezzanine seats which were awesome. When I bought them I thought Michael would be in the mission field and so Kristin and Brian could bring a date. As it turned out Michael is still a few days from the MTC, Brian is in South Africa looking for a good surf spot and nursing a sprained ankle. Kristin and her date Zach joined us but Michael bailed out at the last minute because he needed to go to school and prepare for finals. We sold the two extra seats to one of Kristin's friends. Jack stayed home in the capable care of Emily Muir who had no trouble with the 8 month old. Just the day before Jack had figured out how to use a bottle which made taking care of him much easier. We all left the musical impressed with the music and the fun nature of the story. Apparently the wicked witch wasn't as wicked as we thought and the scarecrow had a romantic side I never knew about. I recommend it to all. It will be just a short metro ride from Adam and Mel's new digs so you all should make plans to go to Hollywood. Bob (posting from Kristin's computer).

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  1. Sounds fun. Maybe "Wicked" will come to Logan as a traveling show at the Ellen Eccles Theatre some day so we can enjoy it too.