Saturday, June 23, 2007

Graduations & Memorial Day

OK, so now you are going to have to put up with the Lundberg family contributions. Carly's Preschool graduation included the traditional horse ride and was complete with Cap and photo's with her beautiful teacher. Amanda finished the graduation season with her own cap and gown ceremony and with high honors.

Memorial Day in Logan was another beautiful day that included most of the beautiful women in my life. Amanda was cavorting in SoCal on her senior trip (Thanks Bob, Annie and Michael).


  1. Jim, nicely done. You are right about a bunch of beautiful women. Annie and I are so thankful for you and the girls keeping a watchful eye on Michael the past two months. He absolutely loved staying with you guys. Amanda and her family (and friends) are always welcome in Irvine. Another perfect day, 72 and sunny.

  2. Cute...cute girls. Carly looks much more comfortable on the horse than the boy and Amanda looks ready to change the world.

  3. Great pictures. Now that you know how to use the blog, don't put off your next submission too long.