Monday, June 25, 2007

Summer fun with the Smithfield gang

Katie and her nephews enjoying summer:

Max: "Why is Grandpa pointing that black thing at me and saying 'Maa...aaxx'?"

Chance: "Okay, I've had supper. Now, let's play some baseball!"

Koebe: "This one's going yard!"

Koebe: "No way I'm getting tagged at third with this jump!"

Koebe setting up for his unassisted double-play (caught fly and tag out at second).

Another run scored for Jaxson.

Jaxson: "See, the idea is to catch the ball and then throw it to first instead of looking at butterflies."

Coach Markworth: "Is that your Grandpa sitting in the first base path taking your photo?"
Jaxson: "What Grandpa? I don't see a Grandpa."

Cousin Riley Nielson showing Katie the fine art of navigating Bear Lake on a tube.



  1. More great pictures! If Bill can figure out how to do this I guess I'd better try too.

  2. What is next... is Bill going to turn his cell phone on too?? Nicely done Roland.

  3. I'll bet Bill is just waiting for the new iPhone to come out. Great shots of the kids in action. I love the intensity of Jaxon's hussle and Koebe's focus!

  4. Great photos, cute kids! If Bill turns on his cell phone does that need I need to purchase one?


  5. Don't do it Chad! The next thing you'll want is the Wii game "Armies of Helaman" and an iPod download of the complete original soundtracks to 78 Broadway Musicals. All this here e-lectronic stuff is one of the signs of the Apocalypse. Resist!

  6. Chad, you don't need a cell phone, but what about poor Sarah? How is she going to IM her friends and figure out where the gang is planning to hang out on Friday night?

  7. Can you download Broadway musicals? Tom, I want my iPod back.