Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New roof at the Twin Pine Ranch

Here are a couple photos of the new non tar, non rock, non leaking (we hope) tin roof. The dark brown color really looks good. I am not sure what Mom and Dad will do not being in the political circle of Jim Skabelund any more???


  1. Alas, no more Skabelund tar-trolls cavorting on the rocks, no more large blue boat tarps flapping in the breeze, and no more pebbles collecting in the rain gutters.

    I won't miss any of it.

    Good looking roof.

  2. If this isn't worth the $17,000 price tag Norda is really going to more disappointed than me.

    Did I mention that it will come out of your inheritances?

  3. The roof looks great. No worries about the inheritance. As long as the legacy of the Gulfstream and the Motorhome passes to the next generations all will be well.

  4. I doubt we could reclaim the Gulfstream since Bob's friends spent a lot of money getting it sea-worthy but we could probable tow the un-paid for Uteliner back from Wellsville if anyone is interested.

    At least keep it in mind.