Saturday, June 30, 2007

Logan Peak Trail Run

25 miles of brutal running, although most of it was walking. I managed to get my photo taken on one of the few level spots on the course which started up Dry Canyon, took the trail to the south into Providence Canyon, headed back to the back of Logan Peak, took a two mile climb to the top then back and around the north side, over to Dry Canyon, and back down. Fortunately, the weather was pretty nice and the scenery was spectacular.


  1. hhmmm.. two guys in a photo at the top of the mountain, two dirt bikes - I'm to believe you really ran up that hill? 25 miles? Once again, I bow in reverence to YPR GB boy. Impressive.

  2. Congratulations on completing what to some us would sound like an idiotic idea. I am sure that if I had ever been put to the same test I would have failed miserably - at any statge of life.

    I especially liked the picture from the back of Bill running.

  3. Bill neglected to say it only took seven hours beating Scott Datwyler and "That Isom Boy" by 30 minutes. YPR-GBB continutes to inspire us all!!! Nicely done Bill...