Sunday, June 17, 2007

Elder Mikey's Missionary Farewell Speech

Today was a big day in the Irvine 3rd Ward. Michael flew in yesterday morning so that he could be the featured speaker at Sacrament meeting today. He was awesome. Other than the concluding remarks (or rebuttal?) by the Bishop, I'm pretty sure it was the best Father's Day program in the entire world! I have had so many people tell me how impressed they were with his talk, his testimony and all believe he is going to be a great missionary. He not only quoted Bob Dylan and Alma, he also showed no fear and sang a song! wow - I didn't see that one coming but I was touched. The song he sang was "I will not be Still" from EFY 1999. As you can see from the photo, John, Beth, Jack, Grandma Smith and Annie's sister, Pam, were able to join with us. The chapel was way past overflow with many of Michael's friends, their parents, former ward members, Uncle Bill Fife and Fachion and even Frank Stewart and his entire family who just happened to be in Newport Beach on vacation. We had two awesome musical numbers. Two of our Laurels sang a duet, "Till We Meet Again" and following Michael's talk a super talented young couple, the Rowberry's, sang, "Because He Lives". Both were excellent! Since I was in charge, I was the concluding speaker and shared a letter Mom and dad had written to Michael and then quoted Elder Eyring from the March New Era on how mission calls are extended and what a spiritual experience it is.

This is the quote from Elder Eyring that I shared:

“All my life, from the time I have been a young boy and as far back as I can remember, I have had experiences feeling of the Holy Ghost. … But I’ve never felt what I have felt as I have … participated in the assigning of missionaries. …

“We go into a room, and … it will be a two-or three-hour session and sometimes longer. Because of technology, it is possible for us to have your picture and the information about you displayed. And then quickly, on that same screen, all the missions of the Church with all of their needs are displayed. Within minutes, and sometimes less than a minute, the impression comes so powerfully that it would be, if it were a single instance, something that you would never forget. Can you imagine sitting there for hours at a time, having that happen time after time without interruption? I testify to you that it is real. …

“… In a world so large, the Creator … somehow not only knows you but loves you enough to ensure that your call is where He needs you to go to teach the children of our Heavenly Father.”
Elder Henry B. Eyring of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, “Called of God” (devotional address delivered at the Provo Missionary Training Center, Aug. 26, 1997).


  1. What a great Father's Day! I talked with all 6 children, felt of the spirit at Michael's farewell, had a great meal at Bill & Lorie's, and got to do it all in the presence of my eternal sweatheart - who could ask for anything more?

  2. Congratulations to Michael! It sounds like it was a great talk & very spiritual sacrament meeting. Good luck getting all the loose ends tied up this week. We will miss you & look forward to Summer of 2009!

  3. Alma AND Bob Dylan! Well played Elder Emmett! Now go forth and spread the word.