Saturday, June 16, 2007

Moving to L.A.
Well the time has come for Adam and I to start packing our belongings and move to L.A.
This past Mon. thru Wed. Adam and I spent at least 12 hour days looking at places to live all over the L.A. area from the beach to West Hollywood and over to Downtown. It was quite tiring but we decided on a downtown loft just a couple blocks from the office. Not having a commute is a plus and we figured we will just drive to the beach on weekends.
We welcome any visitors to stop by if in town for a Clippers or Lakers game! We will be moving the last week of June.
Here is a link to our apartments website.


  1. What about a winning LA team, the Ducks!!!! Adam you'll need work on some deals for comp tickets. Good luck.... (it will be hard to beat the hospitality of Bob's baggle and mexi resources)

  2. This really sounds exciting. I had to commute 30 miles each way during our 6 months in La Habra. At that time the Gas Company was still using the building. I am sure your taste of Downtown living in Denver will serve you well in L.A.

  3. Hoe exciting! Ther place looks great! Good luck moving & we would LOVE to make a trip to see you sometime. :)