Thursday, June 7, 2007

Emmett's Made Fresh

We stopped by Emmett's Made Fresh last Saturday on main street in Lehi. I walked up and told them my name was John Emmett and they were genuinely stoked to meet me. They took my and Beth's picture, bought us dinner, asked 100 questions, and gave us "Yep, I'm Emmett" t-shirts (see photo). Be sure to stop by next time you are in Lehi (about a mile West of the freeway on Main) because as the sign in the window says they are looking for "Emmett". Oh and the food is actually very good. Excellent burgers, fries, and shakes.


  1. Did you check out their genealogy? At least they knew the correct spelling (as distinguishedfrom Emmitt Smith's parents.) I had a cousin who ran a motel in Fillmore - maybe it comes from part of his family.

  2. Glad to see Papa John back on top with the first comment!! I know I'll be stopping by Lehi on my next road trip. That's a fine looking shirt and the price for the food can't be beat. How 'bout them Ducks! Stanley Cup champs!! signing off from Hockey Town USA.

  3. Unfortunately I failed my duty as a genealogist. I'm pretty sure the owner's first name is Emmett but we did have a good discussion on the correct spelling of Emmett.