Friday, April 25, 2008

Worldwide Birthday Celebration today

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!! Annie and I stopped in a small village last week in Holland and noticed that the local church was planning a Birthday celebration for Papa John. At least that's what I think "KERKENVEILING" means in Dutch. I must admit my Dutch language skills are limited so I may be wrong. Sometimes I would look at an advertisement on a bus or writing on a commercial van and it looked like someone fell asleep and had their head or hands land randomly on the keyboard. Update: according to our resident linguist, JWE2, Kerkenveiling means 'auction' - and I was sure it meant Happy Birthday Party for Papa John.

Enjoy your special day and don't forget to do your exercises!!


  1. If Dutch has anything to do with Danish, and if you ask half the world they are one in the same, there is some sort of auction at the church tonight. Happy Birthday Grandpa!

  2. Even if the translation leaves something to be desired, it's the thought that counts so - many thanks for remembering my birthday and seizing the opportunity to get a shot of the sign.