Saturday, April 19, 2008

New Bike!

Well, it is new to us! Lorin's sister has a neighbor with a little girl & they get all their hand-me downs. It works out great for us because we get whatever they don't use - including clothes & now a bike! It doesn't have training wheels, so Lorin is going to pick some up after work & see if we can get them on tonight. Polly was so excited to just sit on it, I had a hard time coaxing her to come inside. I can't believe she is old enough to have a bike - not that I think she will get the hang of it right away - but just the fact that her legs reach & it's something she is excited about makes me wonder where the past 2 years have gone!

*After looking at picture from Lake Powell - Erin said she hoped Polly would wear her Spider Man hat everywhere she went - trust me, she does.


  1. Hang on tight - she will get to be more independent as time goes on and sometime she might not even care to take your advice. What a cutie, though.

  2. Polly's Pink Pike.... very cute, LoToJa her she comes!