Tuesday, April 15, 2008

All is well so far.

There won't be any pictures included - I don't have a copy of the x-rays of the new knee yet. Apparently all went well during the 2 and 1/2 hour surgery and I appreciated your prayers and expressed concerns. David Murray, the surgeon, recommended I spend 10 days in the transational care unit for physical therapy so the hospital stay was my longest yet. This surgery was a whole differnent ballgame compared to my previous back surgeries but my current plans are still to have the other knee operated in September as soon as the LOTOJA race and peach ice cream are taken care of.
I came home yesterday and am still trying to catch up on a few things. The "knee bending maching" was delivered yesterday and the physical therapist was here for an hour this morning giving me instruction on what I have to do to rehabilitate my knee for the next 3 weeks before I start out-patient therapy at the hospital. The only problem I can see so far is that it will take at least 10 hours per day to get everything done, not counting all that goes with living, eating, bathing, etc. I am relatively pain free and have not had a pain pill for the last 30 hours. As you are all aware, I have been blessed to sleep well so night time hasn't been much of a problem.
It has been good therapy for me to review what I missed on the blog while I was away from home - thanks for your submissions.


  1. I am more worried about Mom being a nurse than you sleeping... Best of luck to the both of you. We'll keep checking in if Chad and Bob plan on a trip to Logan to help with the garden and yard. As for now, no dancing.

  2. I love that Grandpa is planning his next surgery around LOTOJA and making sure we all get plenty of peach ice cream! I think we have the best Grandpa ever! If you need Clark to help with any yard work or heavy lifting give him a call he is happy to help. I am also happy to help just maybe not with the riding lawn mower!

  3. I am sure Bob will be checking in here soon. He does have a flight up April 27 to come do the spring cleaning. I wish I was still around Logan. I love you dearly and hope the recovery goes well. Thanks for thinking of us in September. That is one of my favorite weekends in the fall.

  4. Dad, I'm glad you are hanging in there. We'll see you next Sunday night. Take care of mom!