Friday, April 4, 2008


Today is Clark's Birthday So I just wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday on the Blog!  He is a wonderful talented husband and I love him!
Gettin' some air on the wakeboard
Clark's chopper bike he built!  You should see him ride it-- its hard with a 6 foot long fork and 4 foot wide handlebars! He has another one that I ride sometimes, they are a lot of fun! 
Clark up in Park City getting ready for the Alpine Slide
Just some cute baby pictures!  They are always fun to look at.  Clark just informed me that he sucked his thumb until he was 7!
Nice Bowl Cut!
He's just a little guy!
His family has a blog if you feel the need to see MORE pictures of Clark!! 
Click here for the Pierson Family Link


  1. Happy Birthday Clark! I'm glad I wasn't the only one who sucked their thumb.

  2. What can't Clark do? Happy (belated) birthday.

  3. Apparently Clark can do it all an look good doing it. Can he surf? Better make a trip to SoCal an borrow one of the surfboards hanging in our garage. LauraLou can come too!

  4. A true stud. Even Alex likes the guy...

  5. Thanks for the post - you know what a sucker I am for pictures. Clark has been welcome to the family all along even though we just recently got him added to the birthday list.