Monday, April 14, 2008

Lake Powell

Well we just got back from a COLD Lake Powell. It was freezing on Thursday, then it warmed up Friday & Saturday. Too bad the water was cold all weekend. :) It was fun to take the new boat out & watching the 6 dare devils (Bob, Mark, Lorin, Jake, Ross & Cassidy)that got in the water, it made for a fun trip. They have a houseboat time share at the end of May but it might be too short of notice for Lorin to get time off.

Lorin was the first to go out behind the boat & had it not been for the hot water shower on the back, I don't think he would have done it again, or that anyone else would have dared. I just had to get this picture of his face, he was so cold! Now that the family has the boat, we might need to think about some dry suits for these spring boating trips. :)

Polly had a great time, even if I was constantly telling her to sit down for fear she would fall out! She had fun helping Bob drive, holding the flag & just playing with her cousins.

I just enjoyed relaxing as much as I could. I was worried about being uncomfortable in the boat if it got bumpy, but it worked out great. The boat is big enough that any seat is a good seat & I hardly noticed th waves. Don't pay attention to my anti-tan. It's just the sign of a true mom, right? I'll see what I can do as the summer goes on, but it's obviously not a priority. :)

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  1. It looks warm in the pictures but I bet the water was cold! I saw all the pictures on Facebook too, and it looks like you had a fun time. How did Lorin like the wake surfer thing? Clark loved trying it last summer on his brother in laws boat!

  2. It obviously is possible to have a good time at Powell any month of the year. I am not sure whether Lorin's time on the wake-board counts as "cheat time" for a snow boarder" but he looks great, as did everyone.